Advance your modern accounting journey with the BlackLine Nine.

Attend an individual BlackLine Nine process session or the full 18-week program.

The BlackLine Optimization Academy programs combine leading practices with best-in-class technology to help you identify new opportunities for accounting optimization. Walk away with a vision of what transformation can look like and the attainable next steps to get there.

Based on our experience working on thousands of transformation projects, we’ve organized our optimization strategies in categories that we call the BlackLine Nine. Click one of the nine buttons below to see dates and times for upcoming sessions.


Join one of these sessions to learn how BlackLine can help solve challenges within your subledger system processes like fixed assets, inventory, accounts payable, or accounts receivable.


Join one of these sessions to learn how BlackLine can help solve challenges within your suspense and clearing account processes and automate activity within processes like cash, payroll, T&E, and CIP where these accounts house transactions temporarily.


Join one of these sessions to learn how you can leverage the BlackLine platform to automate end-to-end cash related processes like managing cash receipts and cash disbursements, cash application, or reconciling back or credit card activity.


Join one of these sessions to learn how to optimize processes like write-offs of required adjustments or immaterial differences on reconciliations, recurring journal entries, or miscellaneous accounts like Other T&E Accruals, FX, or Security Deposits.

Full 18-Week Programs

As the flagship offering of the Optimization Academy, the 18-week program includes nine, two-hour virtual sessions. This robust program includes bonus sessions, a super sandbox, complimentary consulting, and other tools that will expose you to leading-practice capabilities and guide you in applying these use cases across your processes to achieve end-to-end automation