Continuously monitor results and trends with automated fluctuation analysis.

Streamline and centralize the calculation and identification of account balance and activity fluctuations in the cloud.




less time spent on manual work

$2.77 ROI

with BlackLine

For many accounting organizations, even the most straightforward variance analyses are time consuming, spreadsheet based, and error prone. They involve collecting data, performing calculations, and hunting for explanations.

BlackLine Variance Analysis automates the calculation and identification of account balance and activity fluctuations. This enables continuous monitoring for risk, ensuring the effective and timely execution of critical management review controls and supporting agile decision-making.

Improve Data Integrity & Support Decision-Making

Accelerate variance analyses with a proactive and continuous approach that doesn’t require waiting for period-end.

Variance Analysis integrates with your ERPs and source systems, securely imports GL and other data, and alerts users to unusual or significant fluctuations for investigation. With information centralized across the enterprise, the right decisions are made on the right information.

Increase Visibility & Strengthen Controls

Continuously monitor for risk and ensure the appropriate and timely execution of your internal controls.

Variance Analysis offers real-time dashboards and reports to provide a complete view into the status of every fluctuation requiring explanation. Fluctuations are automatically calculated, and configurable business rules identify unusual activity and route variances to owners for further investigation and explanation.

Reduce Manual Work & Save Time

Significantly reduce the amount of manual work involved in variance analysis and free critical finance and accounting capacity to focus on issue resolution, rather than non-value adding tasks.

Variance Analysis imports balances and activity in real-time and automates calculations to continuously monitor changes and trends. With more timely insights, you can prevent errors and positively impact organizational decisions and performance, faster.

Enable continuous risk monitoring.

“One important thing Variance Analysis allowed us to do was get more people involved with knowledge about the business, with no limitation on the quantity of preparers who can provide their analysis at the same time. Dashboards make reporting simple for the administrator as well—to easily track the completion status and send out reminders.”
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