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The Solution Is In the Cloud

Process standardization through the cloud may be the single most important element for CFOs to implement. Innovation has become a necessity, and many of the companies who are successfully driving this have the same secret: the time and resources they...


Data-Driven Accounting

Businesses use data generated and verified by Accounting to know how they are performing, to manage operations, and to make key business decisions. This is the primary reason Accounting exists in the first place. And with the accelerating pace of...


5 Steps to Finance Automation for Credit Unions & Banks

Against the backdrop of increasing competition, regulatory reform, and changing customer expectations, the banking industry is striving to keep up. Decades of acquisitions have introduced complex operational processes that make it difficult to implement change and control costs. This is...


CFO Survey Results Expose A Greater Need for Automation

Confidence in our economy is decreasing as concerns about declined global growth perspectives continue to rise. But Deloitte’s CFO Survey 2016 Q2 found that CFOs’ outlook on revenue growth has improved, and acquisitions are high on their agenda. The survey...