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What Is Continuous Accounting?

There’s cause for a lot of optimism in finance. By 2020, Accenture predicts that Finance productivity will increase by two to three times, and organizational costs will decline by 40%. They also foresee a dramatic shift in time spent on …

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Why Modern Finance?

The modern business world is looking dramatically different from the world in which traditional accounting processes were created. Technology has changed the professional landscape, and this is very good news for accounting and finance professionals.

It has brought us to …


Committed to Continuous Improvement

The one constant in today’s business world is relentless change. Survival is determined by an organization’s ability to adapt and evolve, and success is granted to those who define the competitive advantage.

The opportunities can seem endless, and how or …


Welcome to the Measurement Business

We CFOs are in the measurement business. To assess our organizations’ financial stability and progress, we rely on an alphabet soup of metrics—EPS, ROE, ROI and EBITDA, to cite a few acronyms. But there is an equally pressing need …


A Look At Continuous Accounting

For years, management consultancies have touted the  benefits of continuous improvement, the ongoing efforts in a business to improve products, services or processes by increments. In doing so, companies can identify and eliminate waste, enhance operational excellence and focus on …


How The Intercompany Hub Makes The World Smaller

For today’s business, the challenge of geographical growth is less daunting than ever before. Technology makes setting up a new storefront nearly as easy as putting up a website. Hiring a new sales agent? Due diligence, thanks to social …