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The Solution to a Major Mid-Market Problem

Mid-market companies are perfectly positioned for growth, but success in this area boils down to two powerful endeavors: investing in your people, tools, and technology to encourage productivity and innovation, and making better data-driven decisions. This confirms the importance of...


5 Benefits of Modern Accounting Operations for Manufacturers

The manufacturing industry runs 24/7 with constantly changing customer demands, making real-time financial information essential for manufacturers. New tools from robotics to nanotechnology are changing the way goods are produced, but so many accounting and finance teams are still doing...


InTheBlack 2016: Day Two Takeaways

BlackLine CEO and founder Therese Tucker kicked off Day Two of InTheBlack, and her keynote had an uplifting theme: People Matter. “We’ve been so successful because of our customers. Our journey starts with you and is about you.” She continued...


Highlights From Day One of InTheBlack 2016

We’re about to head to our Welcome Reception at the recently reopened historic landmark restaurant Clifton’s Cafeteria to celebrate the start of InTheBlack 2016. But first, I wanted to leave you with some of my favorite customer highlights from today....


Align Your SAP Strategy with BlackLine at InTheBlack 2016

BlackLine’s annual user experience on November 13-16 provides the opportunity for SAP to join BlackLine to deliver revolutionary concepts, paradigm shifts, and exclusive industry insights. This experience is especially exciting for SAP because BlackLine’s mission and strategy align so closely...


A Message from CEO Therese Tucker on BlackLine IPO

Today we achieved an exciting milestone for the entire BlackLine community. Our company stock, BL, is trading publicly on the NASDAQ Global Select Market. This is a testament to our success in understanding and delivering accounting and finance solutions that...


The Solution Is In the Cloud

Process standardization through the cloud may be the single most important element for CFOs to implement. Innovation has become a necessity, and many of the companies who are successfully driving this have the same secret: the time and resources they...