BlackLine Global Support

Industry-Leading 24/7/365 Support

Your financial close is mission critical. We’ve created a support experience that's available to you 24x7x365 – across geographies, languages, and time zones – so you have access to industry-leading support whenever or wherever you need it. 

We make it easy to access our trained support professionals in a single, central location: our online Support Portal in the BlackLine Community.  

There are two ways to access the Support Portal in the BlackLine Community:  


  • Login to your BlackLine instance (Sandbox or Production)

  • Go to the left-hand sidebar

  • Click on the 'Community' icon in the middle - the group icon - to enter the BlackLine Community


If you remember your credentials that you set up upon initial login: 

  • Enter your username (your work email address) followed by .bl (e.g.,  

  • Enter your password 

If you do not remember your credentials: 

  • Click ‘Forgot Your Password’ 

  • Enter your username (e.g., and click ‘Send Password Reset Email’ 

(Note: Smart Close and BlackLine Cash Application/Rimilia customers must access the Community via this method.) 

Once you're logged into the BlackLine Community, select ‘My Cases’ from the top menu bar from the Community homepage. If ‘My Cases’ is not visible, click More. (Note: Only those users at your organization with support case permissions can file support cases in our Support Portal.) 

While you’re in the BlackLine Community, browse the information we've created just for you. Your team is equipped with the tools and knowledge it needs to succeed. From self-help resources like our Customer Help Forum and our Knowledge library, you have access to expertise you can trust and count on to support your financial close. 

“BlackLine has enabled us to very quickly standardize and improve the control environment, eliminate redundancies, and implement best practices across the entire organization.”

- Gretchen Sikora, Senior Finance Leader at Dun & Bradstreet

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