BlackLine Community

The foundation for continued success along your BlackLine journey

With the BlackLine Community, it’s easier than ever to leverage the expertise of our 236,800 user network to evolve business processes and collaborate with peers. And because everyone is on the same version of BlackLine, we can develop and share best practices that you can benefit from on day one.

Just as technology has helped to transform your Modern Finance organization, it’s also changing the way your teams engage in learning. It is with this in mind that we designed the BlackLine Community to provide continuous, collaborative, and contextual learning that your end users require. Not only do you have access to a wealth of BlackLine resources in one place, but you can also connect with finance and accounting experts to exchange ideas and engage with BlackLine experts to provide product ideas and feedback. It’s the power of one - one platform, one version, and one BlackLine Community – that provides an unparalleled experience for learning everything about how to optimize your close process.