BlackLine Community

Your one-stop-shop for success on your BlackLine journey

Access the Community

Exclusive to customers, the BlackLine Community is where you can go to learn, collaborate, and get the help you need:

  • Access key resources to develop your BlackLine expertise and grow your knowledge

  • Interact with peers and BlackLine experts to exchange ideas and leading practices

  • Tell us what you want to see in future releases

  • Get in touch with our support team and take advantage of self-service tools to resolve technical issues

There are two ways to access the BlackLine Community:

BlackLine Instance

  1. Log in to your BlackLine instance (Sandbox or Production)

  2. Go to the left-hand sidebar

  3. Click on the “Community” icon in the middle—the group icon—to enter the BlackLine Community

BlackLine Community Login Page

  1. Navigate to the BlackLine Community

  2. Enter your username (your work email address), followed by .bl (e.g.,

  3. Enter your password

If you don’t remember your password, click “Forgot Your Password,” enter your username, and click “Send Password Reset Email.”

Note: Smart Close and BlackLine accounts receivable automation solution customers must access the Community via the BlackLine Community login page.

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