Accelerate dispute resolution and protect profitability.

Track disputes and measure the impact on your invoice-to-cash process to keep the payments flowing and customers happy.


reduction in provisions

8 Days

reduce DSO (days sales outstanding) by 8 days


reduction in aged debt

Resolve Disputes, Improve Customer Relationships & Collect Debt Faster

Prevent revenue leakages and maintain customer satisfaction by accelerating dispute resolution with automation and preventing provisioning from being applied to aged debt.

Accelerate Dispute Resolution

Enhance your financial operations and ensure your business stays financially agile and efficient. Cutting-edge software helps accelerate dispute resolution and automates workflows to streamline cash collections and reduce aged debt.

Accelerate Dispute Resolution

Measure Impact & SLAs

Measure dispute resolution cycles against services level agreements (SLAs), track every step, and identify potential bottlenecks with reporting that provides unparalleled visibility into the process. By highlighting necessary actions, BlackLine enables your teams to optimize workflow and ensure that cash is collected promptly and efficiently.

Measure Impact & SLAs

Improve Accuracy & Visibility with One Process & Data Flow

Experience the power of seamless data integration and enhance business efficiency. Effortlessly transfer critical data between CRM and ERP systems to ensure you always have access to a single, accurate source of information, and gain real-time insights into the status of disputes to drive informed decision-making.

Improve Accuracy & Visibility with One Process & Data Flow