Standardize, control, and automate substantiation processes in minutes.

Increase accuracy and efficiency across account reconciliation workflows to produce timelier, high-quality financial statements.


of reconciliations automated


reduction in the number of employees involved in reconciliation


faster close

Account reconciliation is a critical step and key control for Finance and Accounting. Yet, the process is often reactive and highly manual, resulting in wasted time, errors, and limited capacity for analysis.

BlackLine Account Reconciliations is a comprehensive solution that transforms the substantiation process with out-of-the-box capabilities that ensure accuracy, enhance control, and maximize efficiency.

Streamline Processes & Optimize Resources

Enable finance and accounting teams to focus on more strategic activities by reducing manual inefficiencies and automating reconciliation processes.

Account Reconciliations provides accountants with an intuitive interface that includes standardized templates, workflows for preparation, approval, and review, linkage to policies and procedures, and integrated storage of supporting documentation.

Improve Reporting Accuracy & Heighten Integrity

Improve data quality and accuracy with configurable, rule-based workflows that allow users to quickly identify discrepancies and inconsistencies.

Account Reconciliations removes the risk of manual spreadsheets by maintaining proper segregation of duties, creating post-certification view-only records, automatically importing data, and providing unparalleled transparency into accounting processes.

Enhance Visibility & Increase Agility

Monitor and manage processes more effectively with cloud-based dashboards that provide real-time visibility into reconciliation status, timeliness, content, and quality from anywhere.

Account Reconciliations offers the ability to add and group GL accounts, ERPs, and entities with ease, all while maintaining controls, policies, and procedures.

Renovate your reconciliation workflows.

“Before BlackLine, account reconciliations were a very cumbersome process. BlackLine definitely helped us improve our controls, not just with reconciliations, but also in the whole close management process.”
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“It seems simple, but when thousands of accounts have this validated information all in one place, it saves a lot of time. And the people who had been performing reconciliations and clerical work are now free to spend that time analyzing the account rather than just putting a number on it.”
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“With BlackLine, everything is in the same place. I can drill into reconciliations and immediately see the subledger, GL balance, reconciling items, and support. It takes no time to research anything. I save five hours a month on reviewing reconciliations and conducting research.”
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