Simplify, standardize, and automate your financial close, directly in SAP.

BlackLine Smart Close enables a streamlined and automated financial close. With purpose-built automation, finance and accounting teams can automate traditionally manual close activities, all from directly within their SAP ERP, to accelerate the close with increased visibility and control.


manual SAP steps fully automated


reduction in close time


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Accelerate Your Financial Close in SAP

Orchestrating, executing, and monitoring critical finance and accounting activities is complex, takes too long, and lacks transparency and standardization across the enterprise. Activities like running jobs or allocations, monitoring outcomes, and managing dependencies can slow down reporting and limit reliable data needed to make important business decisions.

BlackLine Smart Close is a purpose-built solution, embedded in SAP, that streamlines and automates SAP closing activities to save time and reduce risk.

Automate Manual Tasks & Empower Higher-Value Work

Purpose-built automation allows users to automate task and job scheduling, execution, and monitoring of close tasks. Smart Close can automatically verify outputs and take next steps like raising alerts, making corrections, or pushing the closing process to the next steps. This allows finance and accounting teams to focus on reviewing reports, analyzing results, and addressing exceptions.

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Standardize Processes & Enable Real-Time Visibility

Templates make it easy to get started quickly. After set-up, users can replicate activities to other entities to coordinate processes from corporate headquarters to local entities or shared service centers. Activities can be monitored directly within SAP with traffic light indicators that highlight completion levels, issues, and objections in real time, enabling teams to reduce risk and close with control.

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Enhance User Experience & Improve Productivity

Smart Close automatically uses SAP user roles and authorizations, works with single sign on, and mirrors the SAP user experience. Designed for finance and accounting users to own, Smart Close is self-service, without dependencies on IT to change processes, fostering an environment of agile, continuous improvement in the close.

Uncover More Benefits

It's time for a smarter financial close.

“Smart Close is more than automated financial software, it’s also a process enhancement tool. Everyone can see for themselves what they need to deliver by what deadline.”
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“It’s very impressive to be able to monitor 16 entities at the same time and watch all the green lights turn on and to have the guarantee that everything is complete and accurate.”
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“We decided Smart Close was the best solution because it offers the best in terms of user friendliness, process automation, and data protection.”
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