Eliminate settlement delay. Gain control on FX. Ensure cash precision.

Empower the collaboration between Treasury, Accounting, Finance, and Tax with real-time visibility on the status of intercompany transactions. Integrate with ERP, banking, and treasury management systems to facilitate and streamline netting, settlement, and clearing processes.

4 Days

Settle intercompany transactions four days faster


Average working capital savings


Reduction in FX exposure

Streamlined and automated transaction netting and settlement to ensure cash precision.

Streamline, automate, and optimize the netting and settlement of your intercompany transaction universe while adhering to global currency and tax requirements and completing intercompany's final mile.

Frictionless Operations Across ERPs, Global Banking & Treasury Systems

Intercompany Net & Settle is designed to receive transactions from any ERP, apply rules to validate those transactions for any holds or disputes, and facilitate intercompany lending, cash pooling, and FX exposure management. Centralize your disparate transactions in a virtual subledger of intercompany activity to eliminate system-to-system reconciliation and timing issues and increase visibility into open balances across your organization.

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Boost Productivity with Automated Netting & Settlement Processes

Drive unsurpassed automation with legal entity-based relationships and country-specific multilateral netting rules. Receive payment instructions in popular formats such as SWIFT/PAIN and ACH, and process payment confirmations back to the bank and ERPs, including IDs, to clear the intercompany receivable and payable.

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Reduce Settlement Volumes & Gain Complete Intercompany Cash Visibility

Pool funds or aggregate transactions based on global entity netting rules while accounting for withholding tax to streamline and reduce settlement volumes, bank fees, taxes, and other costs. Ensure disputed invoices are on hold to prevent errors and avoid credit notes, codify country-specific requirements, and automate compliance requirements where settlements are restricted.

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“All transactional information between legal entities in our group is now in one place, which helps to drive accountability in our business through real-time visibility.”



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