Maximize productivity and performance with AR automation.

Make the most of your team’s time by automating collections tasks and using data to drive priority, action, and tangible results across your invoice-to-cash process.


reduction in provisions

8 Days

reduce DSO (days sales outstanding) by 8 days


reduction in aged debt

Focus On What Matters Most

Team & Task Management provides full visibility into your collections management process, so your teams can dedicate more time to focus on actions that impact business outcomes.

Automate Key Collections Activities

Centralize tasks and team activities and apply automation to unlock greater flexibility and workflow intelligence.

Prioritize tasks by collection and risk to add workflow clarity and optimize team performance.

Define alerts and allow users to create a prioritized list of tasks.

Highlight and drill down into exceptions that users must investigate.

Generate automated events based on recovery policy to ensure standardized prioritization across departments.

Synchronize a dynamic calendar with other BlackLine solutions, such as Cash Application, Collections Management, and Invoicing & Compliance to update to-do lists and follow-ups in real time.

Automate Key Collections Activities

Measure Performance Individually & Collectively

Embedded risk policies monitor changes in characteristics and automate credit limit reviews in real time, removing time-consuming report creation.

Segment and review customers based on numerous customer characteristics such as risk score, risk rating, credit insurance rating, payment performance, and many more. Monitor changes in real time to identify and analyze customer risk signals and understand the impact of their behaviors on your invoice-to-cash cycles.

Use reporting and dashboards to track user tasks and enhance productivity. Gain full visibility into completed, in-progress, and outstanding actions.

Monitor and analyze workloads, productivity, and the success of actions taken.

Track critical actions against the volume of work and allocate resources to prioritize managing risk and collecting cash.

Report on the volume of actions taken, including system generation, time, and user velocity.

Measure and promote user productivity and effectiveness.

Measure Performance Individually & Collectively

Measure Workload Against Capacity & Importance

Track and orchestrate workload in real time to empower dynamic actions and produce results.

Gain a full overview of aging buckets and number of accounts, actions, and disputes to make an accurate assessment of work distribution.

Review and understand the workload for each user in real time. based on staff absence, annual leave constraints, and capacity.

Realign tasks quickly and easily without changing account ownership.

Define user hierarchy and team composition to enable alignment to business units or regions.

Measure Workload Against Capacity & Importance
BlackLine Customer - Loomis
“For the first time, we have visibility over all events and data. We are now able to efficiently drive credit control activity. This means that we can foresee scheduling conflicts and allocate resources to the areas that need the most attention.”

Mark Beddoe

Head of Financial Systems & Transactional Services