Centralize and automate transaction-level analysis.

Free critical accounting capacity to focus on risky transactions, exceptions, trends, and unusual items by automating transaction-level examination of high-volume and high-risk accounts.




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Empowering Finance & Accounting to Focus on What Matters Most

Transaction-level examination is a critical step in effectively reconciling and substantiating account balances. Yet, for accounts with high volumes of transactions, the process can be overwhelmingly complex, time-consuming, and unnecessarily risky.

BlackLine Account Analysis automatically groups and categorizes individual transactions to help Accounting identify potential exceptions and adjustments, monitor the health of accounts, and proactively mitigate risk.

Increase Efficiency & Operationalize Insights

Unlock significant time savings and quickly analyze large transactional volumes.

Configurable rules automatically categorize transactions and other account balance characteristics for cleaner management and identification of aged and at-risk transactions, providing ongoing insight into account health.

Redeploy Capacity & Improve User Experience

Free resources and align to critical business needs.

Reprioritize bandwidth on research and reconciliation of categorized and flagged transactions with intelligent and intuitive software instead of painful and error-prone spreadsheets.

Improve Accuracy & Transparency

Support the business proactively with real-time and continuous insights.

Continually examine transactions throughout the month by taking timely action on aged or unusual transactions and avoid the period-end rush to track down missing or unexplained transactions. Account Analysis is directly integrated with BlackLine Account Reconciliations, allowing for improved substantiation processes.

Real results. Measurable impacts.

“Account Analysis gives us the ability to review hundreds/thousands of transactions in a logical, easy-to-use, efficient way”


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