Drive visibility, accountability, and control across every accounting checklist.

Seamlessly track and control a variety of accounting task types and leverage role-based workflows and real-time dashboards to proactively identify delays before they create bottlenecks.


month-end tasks tracked


days saved each month


hours of OT eliminated

Establishing, executing, and monitoring critical accounting activities is no small undertaking. Yet, the process is often highly manual and time consuming, relying on countless checklists and resulting in inconsistencies.

BlackLine Task Management provides a configurable, cloud-based command center where you can seamlessly manage and automate your finance and accounting tasks.

Streamline Processes & Increase Control

Reduce manual inefficiencies and track and control a variety of task types so F&A teams can spend less time managing checklists and more time executing.

Task Management provides hierarchical task lists and workflows to control numerous manual processes. Cross-product task dependencies, certifications, and email notifications combine to ensure that tasks are established, assigned, communicated, and achieved ahead of deadlines.

Accelerate Workflows & Reduce Bottlenecks

Create a faster, more efficient close by automatically tracking and managing thousands of tasks each month.

Task Management links with Account Reconciliations and Journal Entry, ensuring the correct sequence, flow, and rollup of related activities. Automatic notifications alert users to pending tasks and notify management of overdue tasks and bottlenecks.

Improve Reporting & Visibility

Gain immediate visibility with access to real-time dashboards and comprehensive reporting capabilities and stay apprised of completed and outstanding items by task type, geographic location, and due date.

Task Management sends automatic notifications to warn users of pending tasks and notify management of overdue tasks and delays.

Renovate your reconciliation workflows.

“All of our month-end close is in one location. If someone is absent, we simply go into BlackLine and see what tasks still need to be done. Because there are clear, purpose-driven instructions available within BlackLine, it’s obvious to any user what is still required on a particular task.”


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“With BlackLine, we have the ability to look down through the whole organization and see exactly where we are. We have complete visibility, and our CFO knows that the close process is being done efficiently and being done on time.”


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“I can see where everybody is at any point, and we can hand tasks back and forth without using email, which is a huge time savings for us.”


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