The leading solution for efficient and controlled receivables for midsize organizations.

Enable rapid transformation of your core receivables processes in a few weeks to save time, drive efficiency, and increase visibility by unifying and automating cash application and enhancing related insight.

MAP Cash Application


matching of payments to invoices automatically


reduction of unapplied cash


reduction of manual activity

The Leading Solution for Fast, Efficient & Accurate Receivables

MAP for Cash Application is a leading-practice solution that streamlines cash application organization-wide and drives visibility into your receivables process. As an expertly curated solution designed to be implemented quickly, MAP for Cash Application automates manual steps, drives consistency, and assures control of your receivables process, releasing capacity to focus on cash collections.

Whether you have five or 500 finance and accounting employees, BlackLine provides informed expertise with a clear vision and playbook to modernize accounts receivable.

Transform Receivables Processes in Weeks

Built on BlackLine’s experience advising thousands of organizations, MAP for Cash Application is a proven-practices approach that prioritizes critical accounting gaps to lay out a practical, achievable path to success along each stage of your transformation journey. Our MAP framework identifies areas ripe for transformation and is designed for rapid deployment.

Companies trust BlackLine for our efficient and effective solutions, rapid implementation, and industry-leading transformation. More importantly, companies continue to advance their modern accounting journeys using a path that BlackLine has already traversed.

Transform Receivables Processes in Weeks

Automate Cash Application

Applying cash to receivables is often a highly manual and time-consuming process that lacks visibility and control. Manual effort in this process can be reduced by as much as 85%.

BlackLine Cash Application accelerates your cash application process with a platform that integrates with your source systems, like ERPs and bank accounts, and applies workflow automation and machine learning to systematize the matching of customer payments to invoices.

Automate Cash Application

Gain Receivables Intelligence

Tracking receivables performance can be a challenge with disparate data sources and decentralized processes that may remain in progress until late in the period. Often, this leaves little time to assess customer behaviors, apply strategies to improve collections and limit bad debt.

BlackLine AR Intelligence enables timely insights and advanced scenario analysis that empower stakeholders to make informed decisions. With advanced dashboards, you can view and drill into key performance indicators and identify customer trends including days sales outstanding (DSO), payment terms, and outstanding debt. Quickly assemble payment forecasts to determine expected collections, identify potential bottlenecks, and unlock more cash.

Gain Receivables Intelligence
BlackLine Customer - Brambles
“With Cash Application, all parts of the process—application rates, turnaround time, unapplied cash, and team performance—are monitored and measurable.”

Director I2C, Service Delivery

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BlackLine Customer - WA Wesco Aircraft
“We now enjoy an 85-95% multi-currency match rate which allows the accounts receivable team to focus on debt collection using clean, accurate, and up-to-date sales ledgers.”

Credit Manager

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BlackLine Customer - Veolia
“Cash Application has allowed the credit controllers to focus on collecting cash and managing risk. It is no coincidence that in this period we have achieved outstanding cash collections and our bad debts are lower than the industry standard.”

Credit Manager

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