Match and reconcile millions of transactions in minutes.

Reduce risk and focus finance and accounting capacity on exceptions and other priorities by automating repetitive, high-volume transaction reconciliations.


of manual effort automated


transactions automatically matched every period


annual ROI

Empowering Finance & Accounting to Focus on What Matters Most

Reconciling thousands, or even millions, of transactions between data sources can be overwhelming. Accounting teams spend time downloading data from source systems, aggregating details in spreadsheets, and using complex formulas, v-lookups, or color coding to match and reconcile. It’s simply not sustainable.

BlackLine Transaction Matching modernizes high-volume reconciliations by unifying data in the cloud and applying business rules to automatically match transactions and flag exceptions—saving time and reducing risk.

Improve Productivity & Increase Efficiency

Spend less time matching transactions and align capacity to critical work, like exception handling and reviewing open items.

Automatically match millions of transactions in minutes, including complex scenarios like one-to-many and many-to-many relationships. Matching is performed continuously throughout the period and items requiring follow-up are identified sooner.

Maximize Accuracy & Enhance Control

Proactively mitigate risks and avoid human error with configurable rules that add consistency and rigor to matching.

Workflow automation drives standardization and control at scale. BlackLine automatically flags exceptions and suggests matches to users for review. Users can quickly create reconciling items as part of an account reconciliation.

Empower Transparency & Adopt Leading Practices

Gain visibility into matching status including recommended matches and identified exceptions across the organization.

Real-time dashboards provide a clear view of the bigger picture from anywhere. Review matching status, unreconciled and open items, and access a complete audit trail. Transaction Matching is fully integrated with other BlackLine Financial Close Solutions like Account Reconciliations and Journal Entry, enabling end-to-end automation.

Match in minutes, not days.

SiriusXM automatically matches over 7 million transactions per month with 99.9% accuracy.
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“We use Transaction Matching for a number of applications now, and we’re adding more every day. The BlackLine system can analyze multiple invoices to one payment, account for variances due to bank fees or foreign exchange impact, and anticipate independent payee assignments.”
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Red Wing Shoes saves more than 3,500 hours every month.
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