BlackLine Catalysts

Transform challenge areas with targeted use case solutions.

Take Your Modern Accounting Journey to New Heights

That’s where Catalysts come in. Catalysts are part of the BlackLine Collaborative Accounting Experience—a guided, connected, and committed approach to ensuring your success.

Catalysts are targeted use case solutions. They are designed to further integrate and optimize your accounting processes with capabilities that automate repetitive work, so you can spend your valuable time on other strategic priorities.

The BlackLine Collaborative Accounting Experience:

Championing every customer by maximizing your experience and optimizing your time

With BlackLine Catalysts you can expect:

  • Measurable outcomes like time savings and risk reduction

  • Predictable, guided implementations requiring minimal IT support

  • Leading practices that maximize automation

  • Solutions that scale and adapt as your business evolves

BlackLine has helped our organization by automating the ticking and tying. In the past, our teams would spend many hours reconciling. This is now done automatically.

Accounting Manager

BlackLine Customer

BlackLine Catalysts help our customers build upon their Modern Accounting Playbook foundation and their BlackLine Accelerators optimization to address new processes and save more time.

Explore our expanding catalog of Catalysts

Bank Reconciliations
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Clearing Account Reconciliations
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Intercompany Reconciliations
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More Opportunities to Save Time & Deliver Value

Companies are transforming hundreds of business and accounting processes with BlackLine, including:

  • Payroll Reconciliation

  • Accounts Receivable Collection

  • Fixed Assets Rollforward

  • Accounts Payable Accrual

  • Incentive Bonus Calculation

  • Lease Account Reconciliation

  • Royalties/Revenue Allocation

  • Travel & Expense Accrual

Red Wing Shoe Company achieves 379% ROI with BlackLine’s Collaborative Accounting Experience

Even more benefits of BlackLine Catalysts:

  • Stronger controls and efficient audits

  • More real-time execution of accounting activities

  • Proactive collaboration with colleagues and business partners

  • Faster financials for agile decision-making

  • Improved F&A employee experience, talent development, and retention