BlackLine Accelerators

Get started and go faster.

Ignite Progress & Unlock Value with Process Optimization Courses

With your modern accounting foundation in place, it’s time to advance your journey. That’s where Accelerators come in.

A key component of the BlackLine Collaborative Accounting Experience, Accelerators will help you enable adoption and optimize your investment.

Available in BlackLine U, Accelerators are a catalog of leading practices and step-by-step guidance that make it easier for you to transform your processes. Created and curated by BlackLine’s team of F&A professionals, Accelerators deliver knowledge and expertise that will ignite progress and unlock value for your team.

The BlackLine Collaborative Accounting Experience:

Championing Every Customer by Maximizing Your Experience & Optimizing Your Time

BlackLine Accelerators help our customers build upon their Modern Accounting Playbook foundation and provide a springboard for future growth with BlackLine Catalysts.

BlackLine Customers: Explore the Accelerators Catalog

Benefits of optimizing with BlackLine Accelerators include:


Use dashboards and reports to analyze results and progress in real time


Save time by reducing workloads and automating repetitive activities

Risk Mitigation

Remove bottlenecks and significantly reduce errors adopting leading practices

Continuous Improvement

Build a culture of embracing change by regularly adopting new features, keeping users informed, and creating excitement for what’s next