The BlackLine Collaborative Accounting Experience

Guides Your Journey to Modern Accounting

Powerful technology is only part of the story. To truly transform your finance and accounting processes, you need the guidance of a trusted partner. The BlackLine difference is our Collaborative Accounting Experience. We guide your modern accounting journey so you can manage risk, optimize processes, and focus on strategic work. Our proven approach has helped thousands of customers identify and address bottlenecks to free up capacity, strengthen controls, and deliver measurable results.

The Collaborative Accounting Experience is guided, connected, and committed to ensure your success.



Clear Path to Modern Accounting

  • Leading practices guide the customer journey

  • We help companies achieve KPIs for success

  • Trusted partners in transformation



Global Community of Expertise

  • 75+ Alliances Partners

  • 335k+ users around the world

  • Community and user-focused events



Pioneer & Leader
in Our Field

  • 3,800+ customers

  • 1,800+ BlackLine experts

  • Dedicated to modern accounting

A framework to guide your journey to modern accounting

The essence of the Collaborative Accounting Experience is knowledge. From business process to BlackLine product knowledge, the Collaborative Accounting Experience is our approach that brings leading practices and practical applications of our powerful technology to all customers at every stage of their journey.

We’ll meet you where you are in your transformation.The Collaborative Accounting Experience has three pillars:


Modern Accounting Playbook

Address your most pressing accounting challenges.



Opportunities to optimize your accounting processes.



Targeted use case solutions to advance your journey.

Modern Accounting Playbook

The foundation of our Collaborative Accounting Experience is our Modern Accounting Playbook which helps you:

  • Start your move to modern accounting

  • Identify your most pressing accounting challenges

  • Connect our market-leading technology

  • Apply our unique experiences and leading practices to deliver value

The Modern Accounting Playbook changes the way finance and accounting teams adopt software by providing a clear vision and predictable, confident delivery and implementation.

“Our team is much more productive and the reconciliation review process is more streamlined than ever before. I believe the efficiency and my ability to have my finger on the pulse of the month close is extremely exciting.”

SVP, Chief Accounting Officer
S&P 400 Real Estate Investment Trust Company

"This is not about a one-off training or optimization workshop; it is about increasing the value you realize on a continual basis. Your account manager and the customer success team will collaborate to map out your recommended pathway, define success milestones, and activate your transformation steps.”

Marc Huffman
BlackLine CEO


Accelerators are on-demand courses rooted in leading practices that build on your foundation and provide step-by-step instructions to help you:

  • Maximize your investment in BlackLine

  • Discover additional BlackLine functionality

  • Educate new users and stakeholders

  • Identify and measure new KPIs and insights

Our growing catalog of Accelerators enables transformation surrounding:

  • Automation and rule creation

  • Metrics-driven continuous improvement

  • Reconciliation optimization

  • Settings optimization and role control


Catalysts are targeted use case solutions that will take you to new heights in your modern accounting journey by helping you:

  • Address new challenge areas

  • Take advantage of enhanced automation capabilities

  • Ensure a predictable, guided implementation

  • Realize even greater value

Our growing library of Catalysts includes targeted solutions for:

  • Bank reconciliations

  • Clearing account reconciliations

  • Intercompany account reconciliations

“In the past we only reconciled cash at month end. Now we’re doing it twice a month and have cut 40 to 50% of time from monthly auditing of cash reconciliations.”

World Fuel Services
Bank Reconciliations Customer

Companies of all sizes across all industries and regions trust BlackLine to guide their journeys to Modern Accounting

The BlackLine Collaborative Accounting Experience connects you with a community of modern accounting expertise, resources, and leading practices.

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