Flick Anticimex Uses BlackLine to Reduce Time Spent on Reconciliations by 56%

Why BlackLine

Flick Anticimex chose BlackLine for several key reasons. “BlackLine’s automation capabilities would enable us to save time and reduce errors. It would also give us greater visibility, which would have a positive impact on internal controls,” says Albert Lau, finance manager at Flick Anticimex. “We would also have clear evidence of preparers and approvers, as well as due dates of key and non-key reconciliations.”

BlackLine’s scalability was also a deciding factor. “We’re growing every year, so scalability is important,” says Lau. “We realised BlackLine could grow with us. It’s also highly customisable, which is critical for us as we acquire new companies.”

Flick Anticimex engaged implementation consultant Forpoint Solutions to assist in the BlackLine deployment. This choice was based on Forpoint’s experience of working with various ERP systems, and many years of successfully integrating complex ERP data into BlackLine across a diverse range of organisations.

Additionally, most of Forpoint’s specialists are accountants by trade, and readily bring these specialist skills to the table in complex finance deployments. The company implemented BlackLine Account Reconciliations in May 2019, and Transaction Matching was added in 2020.

“I was happy with the journey from start to finish,” says Lau. He added, “Forpoint was a really good partner for us—very patient and responsive. By working side by side with Forpoint, we were able to finalise the whole implementation quickly, meeting our expectations in terms of timeline. I look forward to working with Forpoint again to further improvements in phase two of our Transaction Matching roll-out.







Strengthened controls and increased visibility, reduced time spent on reconciliations by 56%, reduced errors, increased accountability and segregation of duties