GoodRx Relies on BlackLine to Scale Accounting Process to Accommodate Growth

Why BlackLine

While BlackLine already came highly recommended—"many of our private equity partner’s portfolio companies use BlackLine,” says Milton Massery, Director of Accounting, GoodRx.

“We learned that most platforms didn’t have all the features and functionalities of BlackLine,” says Massery. “We did look closely at a smaller system, but the team didn’t think it was professional enough, and unlike BlackLine, it wasn’t easily scalable.”

Throughout GoodRx’s two-month implementation, BlackLine provided comprehensive guidance and training. “I have done a few IT implementations in my career, and they are usually all over the place. The BlackLine implementation was different,” says Massery.

“It was highly organized. We had a project plan, a clear timeline, and regular meetings every week. Our consultant was very proactive and made sure we submitted everything on time.”

For Massery, linking BlackLine with NetSuite was “pain free,” a surprise considering his past experiences with system integrations.

“Previously, I’ve had a lot of problems linking up systems. Data wouldn’t flow through or records would get lost. But the integration between NetSuite and BlackLine was really clean from the start. And IT’s commitment was minimal, maybe two hours. They felt great about it because they didn’t have to be heavily involved.”


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Improved efficiency, reduced time spent on dormant accounts by 25-30%, increased confidence in the numbers, improved visibility and accountability, enabled scalability, managed platform with minimal IT support