Time Is of the Essence for Finance & Accounting


3-minute read

This year’s BeyondTheBlack is focused on the concept of time, a theme that resonates loudly with all finance and accounting professionals.

For too many organizations, it seems there’s never enough time to get the work done, especially around period closings. BlackLine CEO Marc Huffman points to a reason for this in his opening keynote, pointing out that too much time is spent on transactional rather than strategic work.

“It’s not just about the time you have to do your work,” he says. “It’s about doing the right work and doing it well.”

In What BlackLine’s Collaborative Accounting Experience Brings to Finance Transformation, another keynote speaker, Chief Transformation Officer Tammy Coley, shows how BlackLine’s purpose-built family of leading-practice solutions can help companies reduce accountants’ transactional time by bringing new processes up to speed more quickly than ever before.

In Driving Strategic Value in Finance & Accounting, BlackLine’s RVP of Sales Execution-Global Sales Vin Messina shows how to determine which accounting activities are wasteful, and how accountants can then transition to helping with their organizations’ strategic priorities.

The ability to save accounting time can sometimes have an immediate impact on a company’s bottom line. As an example, check out Raising the Accounts Receivable Bar with Unified Automation to see how BlackLine’s unified AR solutions can help businesses quickly transfer income from the balance sheet to working capital.

In BeyondTheBlack’s SAP Track Highlights Accounting Optimization, Automation & Transformation you’ll hear about the BlackLine partners and customers who are attending the very robust SAP track. This year’s participants included several SAP divisional CFOs, consultants from Deloitte and EY, and a number of customers, including Heineken, Chevron Phillips Chemical, and Walgreens Boots Alliance—all talking about how BlackLine is helping them make the transition to SAP’s S/4HANA ERP environment.

Finally, in this issue, you’ll get a detailed look at the Clearing Account Reconciliations Catalyst, which is part of our new Collaborative Accounting Experience, as well as a close look at a three-pronged approach to intercompany accounting, offered by BlackLine’s Intercompany Hub.

As CEO Huffman pointed out in his keynote, accountants’ time is valuable. It’s our hope that this issue of BlackLine Quarterly will give you meaningful, actionable insights into how to make better use of your—and your company’s—valuable time.

Stay tuned for more from the BlackLine Quarterly BeyondTheBlack wrap-up or read the full issue now.