Time Is of the Essence for Finance & Accounting

This year’s BeyondTheBlack was focused on the concept of time, a theme that resonates loudly with all finance and accounting professionals.

For too many organizations, it seems there’s never enough time to get the work done, especially around the month-end close. BlackLine CEO Marc Huffman pointed to a reason for this in his opening keynote: too much time is spent on transactional rather than strategic work.

Your time is valuable, and this issue brings you the key takeaways from BeyondTheBlack 2021. It’s full of meaningful, actionable insights into how to make better use of your—and your company’s—valuable time.

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • What BlackLine’s Collaborative Accounting Experience Brings to Finance Transformation will show you how to bring new processes up to speed quicker than ever before

  • Driving Strategic Value in Finance & Accounting talks about how accountants can transition to helping with their organizations’ strategic priorities

  • Raising the Accounts Receivable Bar with Unified Automation details how businesses quickly transfer income from the balance sheet to working capital

The Future of Accounting Is Here