Streamline subledger
processes straightaway.

Harness the power of your subledger data without having to load it yourself.

“We can now eliminate some of the more tedious tasks - such as performing subledger reconciliations, reconciling credit card sales to cash receipts, or posting recurring journals.”

Robert H.

Director, Process Risk & Controls Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)

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“Switching over to doing our reconciliations in BlackLine has been great. Being able to load information from a subledger has been a game changer!"

Nicia D.

Senior Accountant
Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)

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The Importance of Subledgers

Accounting processes involving subledgers are typically manual and segregated from financial close activities because of the complexity of financial transactions and the need for detailed and accurate record-keeping.

Common subledgers include:

Accounts Receivable

Fixed Assets




Accounts Payable

Purchases & GR/IR


Travel & Entertainment


Why Manual Subledger Processes Are Unsustainable

Manual Processes

Is your subledger data separate from your close processes? Are you performing the following processes manually?

Booking subledger balances to the general ledger

Summarizing subledger activity and analyzing transactional data

Reconciling total subledger balances to your GL balance

Recording subsystem write-offs and other adjusting enties

Risks & Challenges

Manual subledger processes have downstream effects that carry risk and pose additional challenges:

Discrepancies between subsystems and systems of record

Inability to identify issues or trends

Misstated financial information

Audit issues and compliance concerns


What BlackLine Brings to Subledger Processes

BlackLine’s unified financial close platform enables automated subledger processes that centralize and harness the power of subledger data. With increased visibility and additional capacity unlocked through automation, accountants are empowered to deliver increased value to the organization. Only BlackLine automation allows F&A teams to:

Import detailed transactional data from your subledgers into BlackLine

Combine data in a central location and enhance or transform the data automatically to arrive at your desired format

Compare general ledger and subledger data sets to reconcile at a detailed level

Record subledger activity directly to the general ledger and create and post related write-off entries

Link adjustments to the face of the related reconciliation

Analyze detailed transactions and provide timely insights with increased visibility

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