Reimagine your rollforward process.

Save time, reduce errors, and enhance reporting quality by streamlining and optimizing your end-to-end rollforward process.

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of fixed asset transactions are automatically assigned to the appropriate rollforward category so the team can spend time analyzing data and making necessary changes directly within BlackLine.

The Importance of Rollforwards

Rollforwards enable F&A organizations to understand activity over a period of time and play a significant role in maintaining the integrity of financial reporting.

Common rollforwards include:

Fixed Assets

Intangible Assets


Prepaid Expenses



Accounts Receivable

Accounts Payable

Income Taxes



Retained Earnings


Why Manual Rollforwards Are Unsustainable

Manual Processes

Are you performing the following rollforward process activities manually?

Aggregating detailed transaction data

Updating spreadsheet formulas

Assigning individual transactions to a specific category

Creating formulas to group GL accounts

Booking related journal entries

Risks & Challenges

Manual rollforward processes have downstream effects that
carry risk and pose additional challenges.

Incomplete data

Inaccurate category assignment

Errors in spreadsheet formulas

Missed reporting deadlines

Too much time spent and resources allocated


What BlackLine Brings to the Rollforward Process

Only BlackLine can provide the level of automation and synergies that enable your organization to transition to an automated rollforward process, increasing efficiency and shifting time from compiling the activity to analyzing it. Our integrated financial close solutions empower F&A organizations to:

Import transaction data from your GL and other data sources into BlackLine

Enhance the data to automatically categorize transactions to the appropriate rollforward bucket, group accounts, perform calculations, and more

Compare multiple data sets for purposes like validating against consolidated results, identifying required adjustments, or adjusting to cash basis

Automate adjustments or standard journal entries

Link adjustments to the face of the related account reconciliation

Analyze transactions and provide more timely insights through increased visibility and reporting

Want step-by-step guidance and examples on how you can automate your rollforwards?