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SAP Intercompany Financial Hub by BlackLine

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Intercompany Challenges

Intercompany is a complex process with multiple dependencies and stakeholders across an organization, including Accounting, Tax, Treasury, and Legal. Many companies rely on manual, detective intercompany processes that take too much time, introduce risk, and increase costs.

Disparate systems
Lack of automation, workflow, and collaboration
Compliance risk
Regulatory changes
High volumes of data
Difficulty optimizing tax positions

SAP Intercompany Financial Hub by BlackLine

SAP Intercompany Financial Hub by BlackLine governs and automates the entire lifecycle of an intercompany transaction, including trade or non-trade, across all areas, systems, and ERPs—both SAP and non-SAP. The Hub augments other SAP solutions, most notably in the areas of workflow, invoicing, substantiation, and auditability, and is SAP’s only end-to-end intercompany solution.

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Key Features

Synchronous processingacross SAP/non-SAP ERPs

Synchronous processing
across SAP/non-SAP ERPs

Dynamic invoicingby jurisdiction

Dynamic invoicing
by jurisdiction

Complex balancingand reconciliation

Complex balancing
and reconciliation

Configurable andadaptable workflow

Configurable and
adaptable workflow

Advanced netting,clearing, and settlement

Advanced netting,
clearing, and settlement

Centralized repository andsubledger reporting

Centralized repository and
subledger reporting

Key Benefits

End-to-end processefficiency

End-to-end process

Lower risk of misstatement, penalties, and F/X exposure

Lower risk of misstatement,
penalties, and F/X exposure

Stronger group, entity,and profit center controls

Stronger group, entity,
and profit center controls

Streamlined andlower-cost audits

Streamlined and
lower-cost audits

Easy onboarding ofacquired entities

Easy onboarding of
acquired entities

Improved taxcompliance for statutory reporting

Improved tax
compliance for statutory reporting

Customer Outcomes

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“Intercompany Hub was a game changer for our controls and out-of-balance management.”

Fortune 500 global consumer products company

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