5 Ways BlackLine Solutions Help SAP Customers

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An SAP partner since 2009 and the 2021 SAP Partner of the Year, BlackLine offers solution extensions that complement and extend SAP software. These solutions automate repetitive work, improve visibility and control, and create capacity so Accounting can focus on what matters most.

More than 1,300 customers running SAP software
Companies moving to SAP S/4HANA & companies moving to the cloud
Accounting teams in every industry and every region

5 Ways BlackLine Solutions Help SAP Customers

Better Together: BlackLine solutions complement your SAP and non-SAP ERP

SAP Solution Extensions are strategic third-party solutions that offer innovative functionalities that complement SAP business solutions.

SAP Financial Close Solutions by BlackLine and SAP Intercompany Governance by BlackLine help companies automate, standardize, and streamline spreadsheet-heavy manual close processes across ERPs and other data sources.

Industry Expertise: BlackLine has proven modern accounting use cases for your industry

With thousands of customers around the world and across all industries,

we understand your industry-specific challenges.

Our team of Accounting & Finance specialists have compiled top use cases, outcomes, and resources for your industry.

Aligned to RISE with SAP: BlackLine accelerates your digital transformation

RISE with SAP brings together everything you need to transform your business in the way that works best for you.

The cloud Solution Extensions by BlackLine complement the RISE with SAP offering by integrating with SAP S/4HANA, jumpstarting your transformation, and helping you realize value sooner.

Leading Practices: BlackLine has embedded capabilities that free capacity for accounting and audit teams

BlackLine’s purpose-built SAP Solution Extensions take the guesswork, inconsistency, and unnecessary risk out of key processes like balance sheet substantiation, journal entry management, and intercompany accounting.

Standardized templates, automated workflows, and built-in segregation of duties improve controls and enable auditor self-service.

Business-Owned: BlackLine is a cloud solution that is owned and maintained by Accounting, saving time for IT

While meeting the highest standards for cloud security, our solutions can be implemented rapidly and fully integrate with SAP, requiring very little IT support.

Ongoing maintenance and solution expansion is owned by the business, so CIOs can focus resources on strategy, customer experience, and other priorities rather than supporting tactical back-office needs.

BlackLine Solutions for SAP

Leading Customers Kickstart Their SAP Transformations with BlackLine

Automated 98% of a 160% increase in reconciliations without adding headcount.

Needed a holistic solution ahead of an SAP S/4HANA deployment. “We wanted to make sure the solution was something that Finance could own.”

Achieved global accountability and consistency with simpler audits, and reduced overall close effort.

Implemented SAP Account Substantiation and Automation by BlackLine in 6 weeks in preparation for an
SAP S/4HANA move.

When I think about BlackLine, seamless, transparent, greater visibility, and increased control are all words that come to mind.

Eamonn Matthews

Business Process Lead, Accounting & Reporting