White Paper

How to Achieve Intercompany Accounting Excellence

Intercompany transactions now represent the lion’s share of the global economy—some 80% of global trade.

Yet exponentially increasing transaction data volume, the frenetic pace of business, and rapidly changing tax regulations are all contributing to intercompany accounting complexity and risk.

This may seem dire, but new technology is delivering an intriguing option to cope with continual regulatory changes and improve global visibility.

Read this Digital Finance Transformation Playbook to learn how your organization can conquer the biggest intercompany accounting challenges, and become equipped with common best practices implemented by global enterprises.

You’ll also unlock the ten keys to strong intercompany accounting, including:

Centralize Data

Use ERP Connectors to Unify Disparate ERPs

Standardize Policies & Procedures

Define & Track Workflows & Approvals

Consider Creating a Center of Excellence (CoE)

Use Rules-Based Intercompany Reconciliation

Optimize Cash Management Processes

Sweat the Details―Be Audit Ready

Use the Cloud to Get Everyone on the Same Page

Strive for Corporate Visibility