Why BlackLine Leads the Competition

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1500+ Midsize Companies Image | BlackLine

1500+ Midsize Companies

2.77x Average ROI Image | BlackLine

2.77x Average ROI

$50M+ R&D YoY Image | BlackLine

$50M+ R&D YoY

BlackLine is a leading provider of solutions for financial close management and accounting automation that help midsize companies make the move to modern accounting.

Awards & Recognition

G2 Top 15 Best Products
for Finance 2021

BlackLine is the only financial close software provider to make the top 15 on G2’s 2021 Best Products for Finance list, rated highest for Satisfaction and Market Presence.

G2 Best Finance Products of 2021 Image

First Place in 2021
Trust Radius Awards

BlackLine is recognized for Customer Support, Usability, and Feature Set in TrustRadius’ Best of Finance Software 2021 Awards with strong acclaim from the BlackLine user community.

First Place in 2021 Trust Radius Awards Image

2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice

BlackLine is a 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customer’s Choice for Cloud Financial Close Solutions, which recognizes vendors that are most highly rated by their customers.

Gartner Peer Insights Customer’s Choice 2020 Image

Top 5 Reasons Midsize Companies Choose BlackLine

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Easy to adopt, modular solution that evolves into full automation

Although BlackLine offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, our application allows companies of any size to get started with just the functionality they need. Our Modern Accounting Playbook delivers a purpose-built solution based on leading practices to get midsize companies up and running on close automation solutions quickly. Unlike other point solutions, BlackLine allows you to enhance and optimize your processes with additional areas of automation when the time is right.

“We learned that most platforms didn’t have all the features and functionalities of BlackLine. We did look closely at a smaller system, but the team didn’t think it was professional enough, and unlike BlackLine, it wasn’t easily scalable.” 

Director of Accounting at GoodRx

Easy to adopt, modular solution that evolves into full automation Image | BlackLine
Get up and running quickly to reduce manual work and save time Image | BlackLine
#2 Image | BlackLine

Get up and running quickly to reduce manual work and save time

Manual accounting creates bottlenecks that cost valuable resources and extend the time to close. With BlackLine, accountants can automatically reconcile accounts continuously throughout the month. Unlike the competition, we implement intelligent business rules to auto-certify up to 85% of your accounts each month so that you can save time and focus on higher risk accounts and exceptions.

Additionally, we get you implemented and trained on BlackLine rapidly to accelerate your time to value. According to Nucleus Research, it can take as little as seven weeks for customers to begin realizing payback from BlackLine. And on average, customers gain $2.77 for every dollar spent.

“With BlackLine, implementation doesn’t have to be this huge multi-year implementation where you have to wait until the very end to see benefits. You can start seeing those benefits incrementally.”

Corporate Director of Finance at a Hotel Group

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Ease of use and continuous innovation

BlackLine continuously invests in our customers. We recently launched new dashboards and visualizations so that teams can view and track close activities and workloads at a glance and click into underlying detail and work performed.

BlackLine is not only easy to use, but also powerful—a statement other close management solutions cannot support. Our application securely runs ERP and source data, performs reconciliations, processes underlying automation logic, and stores supporting detail. Each year, BlackLine dedicates over $50 million in R&D to meet the dynamic needs of finance and accounting professionals.

“We did demos with [other companies], but BlackLine stood out as being the clear industry leader. BlackLine is more intuitive and user friendly than the others.”

CFO at Big Ass Fans

Ease of use and continuous innovation Image | BlackLine
Your modern accounting partner Image | BlackLine
#4 Image | BlackLine

Your modern accounting partner

Recent global events have challenged companies in unprecedented ways. BlackLine is helping companies build confidence with a virtual close and hybrid workplace. Unlike our private equity- and venture capital-backed competitors, BlackLine is continuing operations with confidence and hopes to inspire our customers to do the same.

Through our collaborative accounting experience, we provide a guided, clear path to modern accounting and a global community of expertise. And most importantly, we are committed to your continued success.

“When we compared BlackLine against other tools, it was obvious that not only was BlackLine easier to use, but it was an established company with a strong support system.” 

Assistant Controller at Stackpath

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Past success predicts future results

Past performance is the most significant predictor of success. With over 1,500 midsize customers and a 97% retention rate, BlackLine is helping companies of all sizes, across every industry embrace modern accounting. We’re dedicated to helping customers close faster with complete and accurate results.

“I had used BlackLine in a previous job. I found it easy to use, and I knew it offered a sophisticated workflow functionality. I also knew that BlackLine would have a lot more capabilities than the other platform ever would.”

Sr. Director of Finance & Corporate Controller at Marinus Pharmaceuticals

Past success predicts future results Image | BlackLine

Midsize Companies Everywhere Are Switching to BlackLine

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Shortened close time by 66% and eliminated need for overtime

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Reduced time and effort to close, even as accounting workloads doubled

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Reduced transactional accounting effort by 50%

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Saved up to 4 days every month by using close automation

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Achieved a 90%+ match rate on bank transactions

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Tripled the number of reviews from 4 to 12

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Achieved better than 60% auto-certification

Gained visibility across a decentralized model

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