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May 17, 2023

Why Fast-Growing Companies Choose BlackLine

Modern Accounting
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Dominick Fatibene

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Growing companies must effectively adapt and respond to rising expectations and increasing demands, and many seek out technology solutions to help them solve challenges without limiting future growth. This is especially visible in finance and accounting, where manual and error-prone processes are costing time, money, and talent.

A Holistic F&A Solution

However, just applying accounting technology and automation to bad processes won’t cut it. You need a solution that enables your company to meet your strategic goals by modernizing end-to-end accounting processes now—and over time.

Thousands of midsize companies trust BlackLine. That’s because BlackLine is the only solution that meets you where you are today, streamlining your processes now, and offering a platform that scales with your organization—as you grow and when you need it. Our solutions are fundamentally different from spreadsheet-based solutions. And, while others may talk about simplification, BlackLine optimizes end-to-end accounting processes, increasing productivity and offering real transformative value to growing companies.

Here are 3 reasons fast-growing companies choose BlackLine:

1) Scalability That Boosts Your Agility

BlackLine’s solutions enable a holistic accounting optimization journey. Through cutting-edge and flexible technology, we help you rapidly implement improvement that addresses your most pressing challenges while building a strong foundation for future optimization opportunities.

Once you’re up and running (for some in as little as 3 weeks), it’s easy to add additional entities, accounts, ERPs, currencies, and more. In the intermediate future, we have added functionality you can easily apply to help automate more of your processes. As you look even further, beyond streamlining the financial close, you can leverage our platform to modernize processes across accounting, including your accounts receivable and intercompany processes as you grow and expand.

2) Best Practices That Lead to Rapid ROI

BlackLine is built specifically for finance and accounting, unlike most ERPs and other corporate systems out there. With a dedicated focus on user experience, your team will adopt the solution quickly and you’ll realize value faster.

In fact, according to Nucleus Research, BlackLine customers can begin realizing payback in as little as seven weeks! That means your organization can modernize key processes, onboard new users, realize efficiency and productivity, and redeploy employee bandwidth to more strategic work—quickly.

3) Unmatched Industry Expertise That Guides Your Journey

Due to a variety of reasons, many organizations settle with solutions that merely support or semi-automate the old way of working—instead of driving process optimization. To truly optimize your finance and accounting processes, you need a solution built for finance and accounting, along with the guidance of trusted advisors.

BlackLine has an unmatched community of customers, in-house F&A experts and technology leaders, and partners who are committed to guiding your journey and ensuring your success. We support our community with extensive resources and services that advance your progress. You’re not in this alone—we’re here to ensure your successful modern accounting journey, today and tomorrow.

Midsize Companies Everywhere Are Switching to BlackLine …

And that’s because BlackLine modernizes your accounting processes by combining leading technology with best practices that deliver the progress you need while laying a foundation for continued improvement. Growing companies choose BlackLine because they understand that BlackLine drives greater process efficiency, more accurate results, and greater workforce productivity.

Learn more reasons why fast-growing companies choose BlackLine over other accounting automation solutions, or get your copy of this white paper to learn how businesses are using BlackLine to drive innovation and keep accounting one step ahead.

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