Elevate your F&A team by recruiting and retaining top talent.

The mission to attract and retain the right finance and accounting talent has never been more critical.



of CEOs believe that a labor and skills shortage will be the top external disrupter.

Center for American Progress


The cost of turnover can range from 16% to 213% of an employee’s salary.



of professionals have experienced burnout at their current job.

Businesses everywhere are facing a war for talent. This has led to unprecedented churn in the labor market and significantly altered the way companies and their executives think about their people.

Expanding roles and new priorities have placed unparalleled pressure on F&A teams. As a result, transformation and automation have become critical to recruiting and retaining top talent.

Enhance Employee Satisfaction
Compensation, benefits, and work-life balance all play a role in employee contentment. Increasingly, employees are also seeking personal value and purpose in what they do. On this front, it ultimately comes down to the work they are doing and how they are spending their time.

BlackLine provides F&A teams with an intuitive user interface that can be accessed from anywhere. Embedded leading practices and advanced automation capabilities help teams shift time away from repetitive, manual work and enable purpose-driven work, such as providing more strategic guidance and business support.

Reduce Turnover Costs
Turnover is expensive. While interviewing, onboarding, and training represent measurable expenses, lost knowledge, productivity disruption, and decreased morale add to the overall cost of losing talent.

BlackLine’s cloud solutions can be accessed from anywhere, allowing for remote, hybrid, or flexible work and a healthier work-life balance, a top-three motivator for finding a new job according to McKinsey.

Accelerate Career Growth
Companies that enable their employees to maximize their potential often experience the benefits of improved company culture, better customer experience, increasing revenues, and an overall positive reputation.

BlackLine helps F&A focus on what matters most. With technology to unify, orchestrate, and automate accounting activities, top talent can optimize processes, promote leading practices, and deliver meaningful value to their organizations.

Build a world-class accounting team.

“Great people require technology and process to stay engaged. If they’re stuck doing manual work [and] activities that aren’t engaging or fulfilling, you’ll run them into the ground.”

– Financial Analyst

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