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The world’s best-known brands and fastest-growing companies run NetSuite and choose BlackLine. This leading combination accelerates the close and frees up team capacity in alignment with strategic business needs.

BlackLine’s solutions complement and extend the value of your NetSuite software to increase automation, enhance control, and drive greater visibility and efficiency across your accounting processes.


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Centralized Workspace with NetSuite Integration

BlackLine's solutions for financial close management, accounts receivable automation, and intercompany accounting help companies automate, standardize, and streamline spreadsheet-heavy manual close processes from one globally accessible platform.

While meeting the highest standards for cloud security, our solutions integrate with your NetSuite system to automatically format and import data and ensure better consistency, accuracy, and control.


Standardized Reconciliations with Automation

While NetSuite focuses on maintaining financial records, BlackLine complements NetSuite to automate the financial close—including critical account reconciliations.

Free your accountants from manually extracting data and performing reconciliations in spreadsheets. BlackLine connects directly with NetSuite to streamline and automate the account reconciliation process. Simplify your close and save time by using expertly designed templates for each reconciliation use case.

Dynamic & Transparent Close Activities Tracking

Go deeper into task management by connecting high-level close activities with underlying work, integrated workflows, and task dependencies. Import or create any accounting checklist to support overall process consistency and visibility.

BlackLine also provides out-of-the-box dashboards and reports that give you an accurate and timely view of your close around the clock.


Transaction Matching for Complex Bank Files

BlackLine takes NetSuite’s native functionality for performing standard, low-volume bank to book reconciliations to the next level. Our advanced matching engine accommodates high-volume transactions and the most complex reconciliation needs.

In addition to pulling data automatically from NetSuite, BlackLine integrates with your banks to automate data imports.

Advanced Capabilities to Accommodate Growth

BlackLine helps companies around the world and across all industries build a scalable foundation for modern accounting. Our collaborative accounting experience provides an achievable roadmap for identifying and prioritizing your capacity bottlenecks, so you can free up time and refocus on what matters the most.

Whether you are preparing for a significant growth milestone like an IPO or SPAC merger or building a digital-first organization to recruit and retain top talent, BlackLine will help you achieve your modern accounting goals.


Close the gaps in critical finance and accounting

processes with automation.

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“BlackLine is going to make your day-to-day accounting process easier. It is going to make your close more structured. And at the end of the day, it is going to be the tool that you are going to rely on and use daily.”

Liana Cooperman Clark

VP Controller, StackPath

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