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October 24, 2019

Six Reasons to Use an Implementation Partner

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Andrew Borsuk

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According to Gartner, nearly three-quarters of executives admit to being dissatisfied with their current transformation efforts. With such a staggering statistic, executives need to take certain steps before starting a transformation project to mitigate the risk of failure and/or stagnation.

One of the best ways to mitigate risk when implementing BlackLine is to select the right implementation partner. There are many unforeseen challenges that can materialize during an implementation or transformation project, and working with a partner from the beginning can help you avoid many of the pitfalls other companies might encounter.

Why Implementations Stagnate or Fail

There are many reasons. However, one common challenge is resource deficiency. As more projects get funded within an organization, there’s still the same number of people to execute the job.

Bringing in a partner will add not only people to your team to help facilitate your project, it will also add the necessary experience and expertise to help you avoid or anticipate issues before they arise. This is crucial for mitigating project risk.

During UHY’s panel discussion at InTheBlack, attendees heard first-hand from BlackLine clients why having an implementation partner is critical for a successful project.

Here are six reasons to use an implementation partner.

Change & Project Management

Change is inevitable, but change can also be hard. Plan in advance for both your project AND change management. The right partner will help design a project plan that meets your needs and mitigates risk, including how to get buy-in from your team at the beginning, which will expedite user adoption.

Optimizing Your Process

To get the most from BlackLine, you want to be sure you’re automating optimized processes. The right partner can help you determine if any of your processes are inefficient and design an optimized process that will allow you to get the most from BlackLine.

Your partner needs to know both the ins and outs of transforming an accounting process and the intricacies of BlackLine for a successful implementation.

Leading Practices From Past Implementations

Experienced partners have seen it all. Every type of client, industry, and BlackLine product. This experience and expertise provide the foundation for your project so you can learn from other companies’ mistakes. These leading practices will help you mitigate risk and not have to learn lessons the hard way.

Continuous Education for Upgrades

BlackLine, like any other software, is constantly updating and evolving to help customers get the most from their solutions. However, some updates will require explanation and learning to help you incorporate software changes into your processes and systems.

Your partner can help you incorporate and navigate these changes to help you continuously improve.

Leveraging Full Functionality

To get the biggest bang for your buck, you need to know everything that your solution can do for you. BlackLine has much more functionality than immediately meets the eyes, and an experienced partner can educate you on ALL the product functionality, so you can fully optimize your BlackLine solutions.

Maximize User Adoption

Post-go-live support will help your team avoid falling back into their old routines. Familiar is easy, but it’s not always what’s best for your organization. A good partner will plan for this in advance, so you know where to focus your efforts to stay on track.

Gartner says that application leaders must evaluate implementation partners as thoroughly as the software vendor they select. Contact UHY today for more information on using an implementation partner or to get help with your current BlackLine instance.

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