Four Ways AR Automation Moves Financial Operations Forward


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Due to challenges in recent years, there’s been a shift in the way companies approach people retention—with varying outcomes.

Many organisations now offer hybrid working policies, with employees enjoying more flexibility throughout their weeks, even if it’s just the ability to do laundry at lunchtime.  

On the flip side, the uncertainty and disruption has caused others to become fed up, leading them to move on to new pastures. We’re all aware of The Great Resignation—but what does this mean for AR and finance teams?

Time-consuming manual processes are a significant factor in this fight. With employees struggling to hit targets and respond to customers on time, plus battling siloed systems that don’t provide full visibility into business procedures, it’s easy to see why they’re cutting loose.

It’s clear that to retain staff and streamline operational processes, digital transformation is no longer a nice-to-have—it’s a must-have.

Banish Back-Office Blues with AR Automation

AR automation raises the bar in business performance.

By moving AR to a different beat, businesses can make small changes to their every day that triggers a big change their operational success. Not only that but automating AR can inform more strategic decision-making and drive better financial outcomes—a win-win for both people and business.   

It’s time to MOVE on from manual:

M—making better decisions

O—operational success

V—visibility into the future

E—employee satisfaction

And AR is for automating.

1. Making Better Decisions

Let’s be honest: most manual AR practices don’t lead to effective data utilization. And few companies have the necessary tools to make best use of their available data, or action the insights it gives them.

AR automation can fill this gap. By surfacing critical information that is typically difficult to obtain, finance leaders can improve strategic decision making across all areas of business.

This leads to better business outcomes all around, as well as helping you to identify potential growth areas within your existing customer base.

2. Operational Success

Unnecessary process errors. Duplicated effort. Customer disputes. These are just some of the AR challenges your staff are tasked with that can have a serious company-wide impact.

Automating repetitive tasks results in less complications to deal with. Teams can more promptly resolve customer disputes, building better relationships and elevating business reliability and reputation.

On top of this, teams are not only better placed to hit their targets but are also able to dedicate more of their time and energy into work that really makes a difference.

3. Visibility Into the Future

Senior board members are tasked with, among other things, keeping external shareholders happy. They’re (understandably) mostly concerned about revenue, and that is directly informed by a healthy cash flow.

AR automation gives you full insight into your cash position, providing you with everything you need to deliver detailed reporting to shareholders.

Not only could this help secure future investment, but it also contributes towards financial resilience. The more you know about your cash position, the more informed decisions you can make to protect your business.  

4. Employee Satisfaction

While WFH has generally gone down a storm, hybrid working can throw up just as many pitfalls as perks. With staff split between home and office, siloed teams may not have full visibility over entire processes, damaging collaboration and significantly hampering productivity.

By implementing AR automation that takes care of admin under one unified platform, staff can take care of adding value elsewhere, putting their expertise to best use: achieving financial goals.

Plus, with staff feeling happier and more supported, they’re less likely to become another ‘Great Resignation’ statistic—and you won’t lose out on all the best talent.

By moving to a different beat with BlackLine, you’re realizing the true potential of AR: as an integral back-office function that contributes significantly to business success.

Learn more about how moving differently can optimize financial operations with BlackLine.