Accounts Receivable Automation

Maximize working capital with the only unified platform for collecting cash, providing credit, and understanding cash flow. It’s time for modern accounts receivable.

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Transform your accounts receivable processes with intelligent AR automation that delivers value across your business.

Accounts receivable, order to cash, credit management. Whatever the process or department is called in your business, collecting cash, providing credit, understanding cash flow, and optimizing working capital are critical to the success of every organization.

BlackLine’s unified AR solutions elevate organizational performance and create capacity by removing manual, error-prone processes and providing critical decision intelligence.

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Raise the Bar on Accounts Receivable Automation

Release cash from customers using intelligent accounts receivable automation and optimize working capital by driving world-class order-to-cash processes.

Cash Application

Applying customer payments to customer accounts quickly and accurately is the cornerstone of the accounts receivable process.

Traditionally, it consumes a large amount of resource capacity for very little value. AR automation delivers visibility and control. The outcome allows your F&A teams to focus on managing risk and collecting cash, not chasing remittances and keying data into the ERP. 

  • Automate the cash application process and reduce unapplied cash by up to 99%
  • Reduce manual effort by up to 85%
  • Process 80% of payments without remittances
  • Use intelligent OCR (optical character recognition) to eliminate manual work and reduce process errors
  • Reduce or eliminate lockbox fees

Credit & Risk Management

Effectively balancing revenue and the risk of non-payment is critical to profitability.

Create and operate risk polices with dynamic reporting and alerts that highlight customers at risk and ensure real-time risk profiling. Provide real-time analysis with greater insight to stay up on trends in customer behaviors.

  • Use data from numerous sources—from CRA to credit insurer to payment performance data—in real time
  • Utilize risk policies and strategies that monitor change in attributes and automate credit limit reviews
  • Enable rapid time to value with pre-defined risk policies along with the flexibility to create new policies when required

Collections Management

Releasing cash from customers is the most economical way to increase working capital with no additional costs.

Understand what collection strategies work across the customer base with automated, escalating recovery sequences to reach customers at the right time and how they want to be reached. This allows your team to focus on taking actions and building customer relationships that drive better business outcomes.

  • Increase capacity by 25% as AR automation gives time back to your team to focus on actions that drive results
  • Reduce DSO significantly by increasing overall productivity and prioritizing the actions that have the highest impact
  • Define customer segmentation based on any data element, including available risk data
  • Measure collection strategy success and see what is working best for different groups of customers

Disputes & Deductions Management

Resolve customer disputes promptly to collect debt and optimize working capital.

Accelerate dispute resolution with automated workflows and maintain customer relationships with operational reporting. This enables full control and visibility of disputes and provides better insight into how they impact KPIs, such as DSO and aged debt provisions.

  • Log, monitor, and analyze invoice disputes with automated workflows to prompt speedy resolution
  • Feed dispute information into your CRM platform to maintain existing dispute management workflows and minimize disruption
  • Deductions can be processed at the point payments are applied and journals can be automatically posted back to the GL

Team & Task Management

Maximize and optimize your team’s time by focusing on data-driven priorities.

With access to data that is typically difficult to obtain, AR professionals can improve decision-making with decision intelligence and take actions that drive better business outcomes.

  • Optimize performance by prioritizing tasks and bringing focus and clarity to what matters the most
  • Monitor and analyze user performance, ensuring key actions are taken in a timely manner
  • Easily and quickly reassign tasks based on workload or absence without changing account ownership

AR Intelligence

Turning data into wisdom requires real-time intelligence, not out-of-date reports.

Automatically process, analyze, and surface critical information such as sales and payment performance data, customer payment trends, and days sales outstanding (DSO) to enable business stakeholders to better manage risk exposure and develop strategies to improve operational performance.

  • Understand the predictability of customer payments when building cash flow forecasts
  • Measure the impact of extended payment terms to cash collections and cash flow
  • Gain insight into customer behavior, enabling business partnering with sales/commercial teams, and the treasury department

Real Results. Real ROI.

See how organizations like yours are transforming their processes, teams, and results with BlackLine’s solutions for accounts receivable automation.

“BlackLine Cash Application is a brilliant product. I’d question anyone not wanting it. You can absolutely reduce your costs by at least 75%. The cost vs. benefit is a no-brainer. The solution has so much functionality and flexibility to set up processes exactly the way you want.”

- Head of Credit, Atkins Group

Measurable Results Deliver Operational Excellence

BlackLine’s solutions for accounts receivable automation help companies optimize their order-to-cash processes and elevate operational performance. By applying intelligent automation and the latest in reporting and analytics technology, organizations are able to remove manual processes and surface critical intelligence, so their teams can focus on driving more value for the business.

Business Performance

  • Collect more cash and reduce days sales outstanding (DSO)
  • Increase working capital and availability of cash
  • Reduce aged debt and debtor balance sheet provisions
  • Gain visibility into cashflow

People Performance

  • Improve process efficiency and reduce costs
  • Elevate control and auditable processes
  • Gain visibility and measure all parts of the process
  • Achieve global process standardization

Process Performance

  • Improved productivity
  • Provide more clarity on actions that will impact results
  • Manage team and individual workflows
  • Increase employee morale by enabling a greater focus on value-added work

Stakeholder Management

  • Cultivate positive customer engagement
  • Improve reporting to all stakeholders and enhance decision intelligence
  • Reduce the risk of error and rework that have company-wide impacts
  • Enable business partnering between accounts receivable and credit professionals and the wider organization