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August 03, 2023

BlackLine Customer Speakers at BeyondTheBlack

Modern Accounting
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Michael Shultz

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BeyondTheBlack is BlackLine’s annual, award-winning event that brings together F&A professionals for three days of learning, inspiration, and fun. It’s a chance to gather and share insights and successes and learn how to transform accounting processes, reduce manual work, and bring excitement to the work you do.

BlackLine Customer Speakers

One of the biggest benefits of attending BeyondTheBlack is the opportunity to hear directly from our clients who are in various stages of their modern accounting journey.

We are thrilled that this year's conference will feature a remarkable lineup of customer speakers participating in more than two dozen sessions. By joining us in person, you’ll be part of a transformative experience where you’ll hear from a variety of companies offering invaluable knowledge and practical insights into the ever-evolving landscape of modern accounting. Plus, these sessions are eligible for CPE/CPD credits!

Our esteemed speakers will share their expertise, strategies, success stories, and real-world applications of BlackLine’s cutting-edge solutions, empowering attendees to navigate the complexities of modern finance with confidence. This lineup demonstrates the wide variety of clients, from multinational organizations to growing companies, and includes companies from all types of industries.

Below is a selection of client-led sessions. Whether you're a finance leader, an accounting professional, a seasoned BlackLine user, or you’re evaluating our solutions, this conference is designed for you. We encourage you to get inspired by checking out the full agenda. Register today to reserve your spot in our most popular sessions!

Bridgestone's Journey to Efficient Monthly Close Tracking

Discover how Bridgestone, the world's largest tire and rubber manufacturer, effectively tracks their monthly close process using BlackLine Task Management and a framework that integrates a key control and critical path with specific nomenclature added to BlackLine.

In the session, Bridgestone will emphasize the importance of this implementation, provide compelling examples of the framework, and showcase the tangible benefits of their system through an interactive reporting dashboard.

Money-Saving Recipes: Lessons from Chefs' Warehouse

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from a customer who blazed a trail in automating their AR processes. Hear firsthand about the benefits they gained from automation, including increased efficiency, improved accuracy, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

You'll also discover how to overcome common challenges, navigate the implementation process, and maximize the value of your investment. Whether you're just getting started or seeking to optimize your automation strategy, this session will provide valuable insights and inspiration.

Planning MAP Success: How U.S. Engineering Achieved Modern Accounting

Fast-growing organizations trust the Modern Accounting Playbook (MAP) to rapidly implement optimization and increase employee capacity. In this session, U.S. Engineering, a new MAP customer, will discuss how they quickly adopted BlackLine to speed up their month-end close, streamlining matching and reconciliations. In doing so, they increased their monthly balance sheet reconciliations tenfold in one year while maintaining a lean accounting team.

U.S. Engineering will share their journey, including their decision process and modernization goals, how BlackLine’s MAP approach enabled rapid time-to-value and flexibility, and best practices for tactically applying optimization.

How Nodaway Valley Bank Enriched Their Cash Certification Process

Learn how Nodaway Valley Bank's commitment to managing for the future and investing in modern technology led them to create a controlled and optimized process for their daily certification process.

In this session, Nodaway Valley Bank will share how they identified the need for change and leveraged BlackLine's capabilities and resources to execute. Attendees will gain valuable insights into how BlackLine can be a valuable partner in driving process improvements and meeting their unique accounting challenges.

We’ll See You at BeyondTheBlack!

Get ready to be inspired, network with industry leaders, and revolutionize your approach to accounting at BeyondTheBlack in San Diego.

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