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December 13, 2022

3 Reasons Midsize Companies Choose BlackLine for Accounts Receivable Automation

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Dominick Fatibene

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Every growing organization wants to maximize their cash collections, recognize revenue promptly, and close the books on time. That’s not too much to ask, is it? Well, that’s not only possible with BlackLine’s Modern Accounting Playbook (MAP) for Cash Application but can now be achieved in just 90 days.

BlackLine’s MAP for Cash Application delivers industry leading best practices that seamlessly apply cash and provide strategic insights to help growing organizations move faster, increase productivity, and focus on high value work.

Learn the top three reasons organizations choose BlackLine’s MAP for Cash Application.

1) Rapid time-to-value

Our customers can be fully up and running with BlackLine in weeks. As organizations seek to optimize their financial position and maximize their workforce productivity, accounts receivable can be a quick win.

BlackLine has taken its decades of experience and learnings—advising more than 4,000 customers—to design our MAP offerings that include MAP for Financial Close and MAP for Cash Application. MAP offerings are designed to be implemented fast and target the areas in your process that offer both the quickest wins and highest impact for you and your organization. It can take as little as seven weeks for customers to begin realizing payback.

2) Automatically match 95% + of cash to free capacity and increase focus on collections

Our customers are automatically matching more than 95% of their receivables and reducing unapplied cash balances by 99%. Improving cash application directly impacts critical metrics, such as cash flow and working capital performance, by improving days sales outstanding (DSO) and other metrics often heavily scrutinized by controllers and senior leaders in the organization.

BlackLine’s MAP Cash Application applies rule-based logic coupled with machine learning to automate matching of receivables between point-of-sale systems, bank accounts, and your receivables subledger. Plus, machine learning means matching performance gets even better over time.

3) Real-time insights that turn you into a strategic powerhouse

Our customers are making critical decisions with real-time receivables dashboards. Standard as part of our MAP solution, receivables intelligence is at the fingertips of key stakeholders and enables informed decision-making like determining collection strategies.

BlackLine’s MAP Cash Application comes with advanced dashboards that provide real time insights of critical business metrics. Users can drill down to understand customer trends and behaviors and quickly forecast the cash they can expect to receive week by week. This means instantly understanding key metrics like customer payment terms, collections, and even expected cash flows, which is especially critical during uncertain times in the market.

Why BlackLine for Accounts Receivable Automation?

Effective and efficient cash collection processes are critical for growing organizations to sustain growth and thrive. If you’re spending time manually applying cash or analyzing receivables, it’s time to consider how BlackLine can free critical capacity, increase productivity, and help you improve your cash application process. Are you ready to get started?

Learn more about BlackLine’s Modern Accounting Playbook for Cash Application

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