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May 18, 2021

3 Reasons BlackLine Is the Only Modern Accounting Solution You’ll Ever Need

Modern Accounting
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Sonia Chu

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It’s never been more critical for Accounting to run continuously, efficiently, and collaboratively, no matter what happens. This is why midsize companies everywhere are re-evaluating their limited financial close systems and manual processes and investing in the only modern accounting solution they’ll ever need.

Accounting and Finance switch to BlackLine because they recognize that their existing financial close software and processes are not sustainable. BlackLine helps midsize organizations build a solid foundation for modern accounting and provides scalable, more advanced solutions when the time is right—so you’ll never need to look for a new solution again after hitting a significant growth milestone. BlackLine grows with you throughout your company’s lifecycle.

It’s time to move beyond your limited financial close software and manual processes. Here are three reasons companies like yours are switching to BlackLine—the leading financial close automation solution.

Unified Platform Transforms Productivity & Consistency

Disconnected, limited financial close software crushes accounting performance. Siloed task lists, reconciliations, document stores, and separate reports and dashboards that come with limited software just don’t cut it.

Unlike traditional solutions, the BlackLine Accounting Cloud ensures all financial data, processes, and security is centralized, unified, and accessible from anywhere. When everything works together—close task management, reconciliation, matching, and journal entries, all on the same single version of the truth—the financial close runs faster and smoother.

BlackLine’s unified experience also provides reporting and dashboards that deliver real-time visibility into the financial close. Acting on any variance, incomplete task, or overdue items is just a click away. No messy additional interfaces, logins, or spreadsheets.

Accounting-Owned for Total Flexibility & Control

It’s no secret that many financial close solutions require technical consultants, IT, or just way too many clicks, customizations, and workarounds to make simple changes. In some cases, making changes like adjusting matching criteria and setting up new entries means relying on the vendor. And that stops Accounting from being agile and responsive—never mind the frustration. They’re just not flexible enough for Accounting.

But in the current environment, change happens frequently, like acquisitions, new data sources, organizational changes, and so much more, and all of these changes demand accounting process agility.

Unlike other solutions, BlackLine puts Accounting in control. Easily apply technology like artificial intelligence to transactional matching. Modify variance exception thresholds in just a few clicks. Change standard, custom report fields, or dashboards on-the-fly, or modify any other business logic without requiring technical consultants.

In addition, easily add new geos without the need for reimplementation. With BlackLine, Accounting can quickly change or make any other update—all in just a few clicks.

Companies move to BlackLine because it’s easy to adapt BlackLine to constant change.

Innovation That Keeps Accounting One Step Ahead

Ever used a product that just isn’t evolving and ends up holding you back? You’re not alone.

BlackLine has the largest R&D spend of all best-of-breed vendors, totaling $50 million annually, with a team that is 400 strong, purely focused on financial close and accounting automation. In 2020 alone, BlackLine added nearly 50% more engineers and have new teams dedicated to optimization, automation, and innovation.

There’s never been a better time to switch from outdated financial close software to modern accounting. Thousands of the most successful fast-growing companies like GoodRx, Zendesk, Red Wing Shoes, and Big Ass Fans have already seen game-changing benefits and are far down the path to modern accounting.

Read this white paper to gather even more insight into why BlackLine is the only modern accounting solution you’ll ever need.

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