BlackLine Variance Analysis

Continuously monitor for risk with automated fluctuation analysis

BlackLine Variance Analysis automates the monitoring and analysis of account balance fluctuations using customer-defined rules. It provides efficiency, visibility and enhanced controls by identifying accounts whose balances fall outside of configurable thresholds so that these fluctuations can be properly investigated.

Product Overview: BlackLine Variance Analysis


Discover Discrepancies Quickly

Configurable variance rules and workflows quickly and accurately detect material fluctuations and electronically route issues to the appropriate control owners, so teams can focus on issue resolution, rather than manual, non-value adding tasks.

Improve Data Integrity

BlackLine integrates with your ERPs and multiple source systems, automatically importing GL balances on a scheduled basis to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your decision support data. And because teams have one view into current data across the enterprise, the right decisions are made on the right information.

Increase Visibility

Real-time dashboards and reports provide a complete view into the status of every fluctuation analysis. And with the policy, purpose, and procedure displayed on the face of each identified variance, owners have a common understanding of the purpose of each review, the risks they are intended to detect, and the supporting documentation required to execute each control.



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“BlackLine has enabled us to very quickly standardize and improve the control environment, eliminate redundancies, and implement best practices across the entire organization.”

- Gretchen Sikora, Senior Finance Leader at Dun & Bradstreet


The Modern Finance Platform

BlackLine builds solutions that modernize the finance and accounting function to empower greater productivity and detect accounting errors before they become problems. BlackLine products work in unison to eliminate manual spreadsheet-dependent processes prone to human error. BlackLine Account Reconciliations automates and standardizes the reconciliation process, and natively integrates with other BlackLine products to help manage every element of reconciliations and the financial close. Streamlining account reconciliations helps ensure accurate and efficient accounting activities, free from manual, error-prone practices. BlackLine is the only provider that offers a unified cloud platform supporting the entire close-to-disclose process and the leader in Enhanced Finance Controls and Automation software. BlackLine enables clients to move away from out-of-date practices and help finance and accounting professionals work smarter, more efficiently, and accurately. Clients around the world use BlackLine. BlackLine’s cloud platform unifies the experience of more than 236,800 people around the world as they accurately, securely, and efficiently execute critical accounting tasks from reconciliations and journals to intercompany settlement and the financial close.

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