Unlock cash and capacity from your revenue cycle.

Prioritize revenue cycle optimization to reduce complexity and manual effort, lowering the risk of revenue leakage, financial misstatements, and negative market reactions.



of executives see revenue leakage as a systematic problem for their companies


$1.4 Trillion

could be unlocked globally with improved working capital management



of realized EBITA is lost to leakage, on average

Manual processes within the revenue cycle are a leading driver of uncollected cash, higher revenue dilution, and other liquidity challenges. In addition to impacting cash and revenue, ineffective and inefficient revenue cycle processes negatively impact employee and customer experience.

By prioritizing revenue cycle transformation, finance and accounting teams are prioritizing their bottom line. An optimized revenue cycle that maximizes the use of automation, technology, and leading practices results in faster cash collections, more informed business decisions, greater customer satisfaction, and improved financial results while driving operational efficiency and freeing F&A talent to focus on what matters most.

Unlock Capacity

Activities within the revenue cycle are some of the most manual, laborious, and high-risk. From cash application to reconciliations and bad debt calculations, finance and accounting resources are heavily consumed with enormous amounts of data within the revenue cycle.

BlackLine delivers up to 50% time savings by automating traditional manual accounting processes, allowing customers to redeploy resources to more strategic activities.

Centralize & Optimize Business Performance

A unified and centralized revenue cycle allows for automated reconciliation across different data sources and applications, replacing spreadsheets and manual activities with powerful business rules that scale with growth.

BlackLine helps companies automatically match order-to-cash transactions, release cash from customers using next-generation intelligent accounts receivable automation, improve their bottom line, and increase liquidity with streamlined and tax-effective intercompany operations.

Improve Visibility & Decision-Making

The visibility gained from centralizing revenue data and automating manual work enables F&A teams to actively track and improve KPIs, such as working capital, days sales outstanding (DSO), average days delinquent, and others.

With BlackLine, F&A organizations gain real-time customer financial intelligence and can see other data that helps them analyze customer patterns, mitigate risk, and prevent revenue leakage. BlackLine customers can make more informed and strategic decisions, creating greater value for the business and positioning F&A as a better business partner.

Boost your bottom line with BlackLine.

BlackLine Customer - Veolia
“Cash Application has allowed the credit controllers to focus on collecting cash and managing risk. It is no coincidence that in this period we have achieved outstanding cash collections and our bad debts are lower than the industry standard.”
Discover how Veolia increased efficiency by 70%, enhanced organizational effectiveness, and improved the customer experience.
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