Enable M&A success.

Successful M&A transactions require mindful coordination of finance and accounting processes, technology, and people.

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of M&A transactions are less likely to achieve cost-efficiency goals when the CFO is not closely involved

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have become synonymous with business growth strategy, empowering organizations to enter new markets, diversify business operations, and acquire new technology and talent. However, M&A transactions come with challenges that must be considered to successfully integrate business entities.

Finance and accounting teams are increasingly relied upon to support strategic mergers and acquisitions, from performing due diligence to executing on integration strategy. Both from a compliance and an operational standpoint, finance and accounting professionals are experts and catalysts to ensuring an effective and successful merger or acquisition.

Enable Expansion & Diversification

M&A often brings an opportunity for growth and expansion. However, integration complexities may hinder the achievement of strategic objectives and reduce shareholder returns. Finance and accounting teams play a crucial role in supporting these objectives, but manual accounting processes may impede their ability to act as agile strategic partners.

BlackLine provides a centralized platform that automates and orchestrates accounting processes, complete with built-in controls that allow teams to effectively generate accurate and timely insights to inform management and drive strategic decisions.

Maximize Integration Efficiency

Combining processes and technology from different entities can increase efficiencies and productivity. Yet, companies may face challenges in realizing efficiencies due to the use of disparate systems such as ERPs, complex organizational structures, and unique accounting processes.

BlackLine unifies data from legacy systems and centralizes accounting processes to drive consistency across finance and accounting. Leading practices, embedded controls, and advanced automation features allow teams to standardize and enforce rigor across F&A processes, significantly improving efficiency.

Optimize F&A Capacity

Talented employees bring valuable experience that is crucial to the success of an integration and future operations. New complexities, stress, and cultural differences can quickly impact morale, increase attrition, and diminish productivity. Highly manual and time-consuming accounting processes can exacerbate these issues as teams struggle to complete tasks while searching for capacity to support other strategic work.

BlackLine unifies, automates, and streamlines accounting processes, enabling teams to optimize capacity. Reducing time spent on manual and repetitive tasks positions finance and accounting teams to focus on other critical business objectives.

Enabling M&A success.

“Thanks to BlackLine, some tasks have become a 20-minute job rather than a three-day job.’’
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