IPO Readiness

Accelerate your path to an IPO.

Optimize accounting and build greater resilience across your data, people, and processes to meet IPO-readiness requirements and unlock productivity and efficiency—long after the bell rings.



of companies that complete an IPO felt they started too late



months of preparation is recommended to successfully prepare for an IPO


$1 million

a year is typically spent on additional staffing to maintain public companies

Becoming a public company is a complex journey with extensive considerations and compliance requirements. Preparedness, or IPO readiness, should begin at least 18 months prior to the offering and includes all the activities that accompany a pre- and post- IPO environment.

To successfully IPO, leadership must align the entire organization to buy into the vision and execute on tasks, from establishing a strong internal control framework to preparing required disclosures. New reporting requirements and the need for accurate and timely financial information on a more routine basis often increase complexity and limit resource availability to prepare for an IPO.

Investing in the right financial technology empowers organizations to optimize accounting and meet IPO-readiness requirements by enhancing data, people, and processes. Not only can financial technology ready an organization for an IPO, but the right technology can also help an organization scale as it grows. This unlocks more productivity and efficiency over time, long after the bell rings.

Meet Regulatory Requirements

Timely and accurate reporting is a requirement for public companies. Staying on top of SEC filing deadlines can be even more of a challenge when processes rely on highly-manual steps and demands on finance and accounting teams continue to grow. IPO readiness includes investing in process optimization that drives greater efficiency and accuracy of financials day-to-day and during close cycles.

BlackLine unifies and orchestrates accounting processes by connecting data and automating high-risk and manual steps to help companies close on time and accurately, while also providing better visibility and control to manage change and scale for growth.

Establish a Strong Control Framework

Going public means greater scrutiny of financial information by investors and internal stakeholders. Public companies are responsible for ensuring the accuracy, timeliness, and completion of financial results. An error, small or large, can negatively impact a company’s reputation, stock price, and investor confidence, and can lead to fines and penalties. Establishing a strong control framework during the IPO process helps ensure accuracy of the financial information released to shareholders.

BlackLine enhances governance by layering both preventative and detective controls directly into accounting processes to limit the likelihood of errors and breakdowns. Access controls enable internal and external auditors to collaborate directly with Finance and Accounting to assure accuracy of financial results before filings.

Maximize Finance & Accounting Capacity

Finance and Accounting are critical to the IPO-readiness process, yet these teams are often overwhelmed with limited capacity to support IPO tasks on top of their existing responsibilities. PwC estimates the average company hires up to 10 new F&A employees to support the work it takes to go public, as well as post-public job responsibilities that can increase cost by more than $1 million annually. It’s no wonder retaining top talent is often such a challenge for companies going public.

BlackLine frees capacity for organizations by eliminating manual and repetitive tasks and creating sustainable, scalable processes so accounting teams can prioritize their time on higher-value work and support the business before, during, and long after the IPO.

Prepare for IPO success.

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