ERP transformations are business transformations.

Companies are prioritizing ERP modernization to reduce complexity, increase flexibility, and take advantage of powerful next-generation capabilities.



of all ERP projects fail to meet their objectives.



of the cost of transformation can be lowered by taking a value-based approach.

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of ERP implementations are delayed due to data issues.

Simplifying and modernizing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems is a top priority as companies look to replace outdated technology and improve agility, integration, and speed across critical business functions including sales, supply chain, human resources, and finance.

Yet, many ERP transformations are seen as IT projects. They’re planned from a technical perspective and often fail to meet desired outcomes. Finance and accounting teams can help deliver successful ERP transformation with a value-based approach that focuses on a series of manageable steps that steadily deliver value and take into account stakeholder feedback.

Free Valuable Internal Resources
Many organizations engage consultants to manage ERP migration projects. The best implementations, however, pair experienced internal talent with third-party expertise.

BlackLine delivers up to 50% time savings by automating traditional manual accounting processes. By implementing BlackLine ahead of an ERP initiative, our customers have redeployed resources to focus on business transformation, allowing for a quick win and early ROI.

Manage Changes & Validate Finance Master Data
An ERP transition often means master data changes, data migration complexity, changes to key controls, and incremental audit work, among other considerations.

BlackLine helps companies maintain continuity and control before, during, and after cutover. In BlackLine, legacy data can be mapped to new structures, key controls and validations can be documented and certified, and critical close and accounting activities can continue seamlessly without pulling resources away from transformation work.

Centralize Data & Standardize Processes
ERP initiatives often seek to reduce business complexity across entities, geographies, and business units. Yet critical accounting and controls activities are often performed outside the ERP in spreadsheets.

BlackLine centralizes accounting processes and documents in the cloud and provides global visibility from anywhere. With BlackLine, organizations can unify tasks across systems and teams, embed policies and procedures and leading practices, and report on status and KPIs with ease.

Start your ERP transformation with F&A automation.

BlackLine Customer - Zurich
“I would recommend implementing BlackLine before you move to SAP S/4HANA. BlackLine will be a great help with your control environment, as well as validating the results of account balances that you’re migrating from the old ledger to the new.”
Learn more about how BlackLine helped Zurich North America transition to SAP S/4HANA, on budget and on time.
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