Partnership that fuels transformation.

Leading CFOs and CIOs are collaborating to enable data as an enterprise asset, as organizations need more reliable and timely data to inform business decisions. Digital transformation is the key to success.



of CFOs have increased the frequency and scope of C-suite collaboration

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of teams agree that time spent on accounting, compliance, and close gets in the way of strategic work



of companies say that their current business model will be viable in two years

Data, and the systems that centralize it, can create meaningful competitive advantage in today’s complex environment. Despite increased partnership between the CFO and CIO, many transformation initiatives are still seen as IT projects. They’re planned from a technical perspective and often fail to meet desired outcomes.

Successful transformations are often differentiated by jointly developed strategies that connect finance data and technology to the broader IT landscape and deliver both quick wins and long-term value for the enterprise.

Free Valuable Internal Resources

On top of the IT resources needed to drive, implement, and maintain the entire organization’s software solutions, IT resources are needed for strategic company-wide projects—providing direction for the technology landscape, developing and maintaining a unified master data management architecture, and minimizing cybersecurity risks. With the increased reliance on technology and data, IT struggles to meet the demands without adding resources or costs.

BlackLine delivers finance-owned, no-code automation that unifies, orchestrates, and automates financial operations and workflows for up to 50% time savings. As a result, CFOs and CIOs can optimize their time to drive sustainable, profitable growth.

Improve Digital Transformation Outcomes

Digital transformation initiatives involve master data changes, data migration complexities, changes to key controls, and incremental audit work, among other considerations. Without collaboration, accounting and IT leaders risk failed or over-budget projects, compliance issues, and higher maintenance and costs.

BlackLine provides a foundation for broader transformation that modernizes traditionally manual processes and delivers quick time to value for Finance and Accounting. With little to no IT support needed, the office of the CIO can focus on other strategic initiatives.

Enhance Data Quality & Drive Business Insights

As organizations face unprecedented change and business models evolve, Finance and IT can align technology investments to their organizations’ operating model to enable continuous, predictive, and data-driven insights.

BlackLine’s Financial Operations Management platform enables end-to-end process transformation, bringing financial data together across disparate sources, providing real-time visibility across entities and geographies, and automating manual work so accounting and IT can focus on what matters most.

Focus your finance and IT resources on what matters most.

BlackLine Customer - Aetna
“Thanks to BlackLine’s capabilities, we’ve freed up FTEs. They’re now able to take on more work from the rest of the company and research other ways to innovate the processes we currently manage. They have time to do the important things.”
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