Trust is in the Balance

BlackLine Customer Success

BlackLine Customer Success

Teaming with you to transform your financial close

As a BlackLine customer, you’ll enjoy a dedicated team that is committed to maximizing your results. Our Customer Success Managers and Account Managers work with you at every step of your BlackLine journey ― from going live to realizing even more value years down the line. We’re ready to develop a roadmap for your success, advocating, guiding, and helping you get the most out of BlackLine.

Going live with BlackLine is just the beginning of your financial automation journey. As a BlackLine customer you continually gain access to powerful new benefits through automated updates and best practices. That’s why we created our industry-leading Customer Success program. Our Customer Success Managers partner with you to offer a holistic and best practices-driven approach to delivering continual value to your organization. And our team of Account Managers advocate on your behalf to ensure your expectations are communicated and met, if not exceeded. Together, our team stands ready to deliver the highest quality of service every day.

The BlackLine Customer Journey is designed to maximize collaboration. After going live, we’ll team up with you to conduct recurring Success Reviews with a goal of identifying new process improvement opportunities. We’ll also ensure you’re kept up to date and apprised of the latest releases. We’ll identify specific training opportunities for roles within your organization, or advise you on capabilities that can help drive further efficiencies.

Your Customer Success team will also plug you into our 147,000+ user community. With 30 user groups across 4 continents, hundreds of events, and thousands of community interactions every year, we’ll ensure you and your team have every opportunity to take advantage of the valuable community learning, best practices, and collaboration that are at your disposal.

Our unique living and breathing BluePrint is a detailed plan for your success. We’ll start by building in your strategic and operational business drivers followed by specific activities that will help move you closer to achieving your goals, period by period. From adopting specific features to attending key events, our BluePrint ensures your team and financial close is always growing and evolving in the right direction.

“BlackLine has been a true partner for us over the years.”

- Tammie Coley, Executive Director, Enterprise Accounting, Financial Systems & Compliance, Cox Communications