How Cloud Technology Can Streamline Accounting

In a world where remote work has become a permanent fixture for midsized enterprises and uncertainty is the only certainty, business continuity and resilience are more critical than ever.

In such an unstable environment, traditional manual accounting is no longer sustainable. Accounting leaders must have the flexibility to redirect resources from ticking and tying to activities such as financial analysis that support business objectives and enable strategic business decisions.

In this white paper by IDG, we explore the accounting challenges mid-market organizations face in the post-pandemic world and propose a solution in the form of cloud-based accounting process automation.

You will learn:

  • Why midsize companies now more than ever must reduce their reliance on manual and legacy tools

  • How financial close automation benefits not only CFOs and line-of business accounting professionals, but also CIOs and other IT stakeholders

  • Maintenance and security considerations that make cloud financial close technology a good fit for growing and evolving companies

The Future of Accounting Is Here