White Paper

Thriving in an Era of Disruption

Continuous disruption has become the new normal—especially now, as we’re all navigating the impact of a global pandemic that has F&A organizations working and closing remotely.

Effective change management is critical during times like this, and your teams are likely made up of a variety of personality types:

  • Some may be working hard to find efficient ways to virtually close the books more accurately

  • Many may be expanding their knowledge to be better prepared for the future of work

  • Others may be more averse to change, trying to keep things as close as possible to the way they’ve always been done

Engaging both change positive and risk averse employees is crucial to making change effective and sustainable. And harnessing the power of both champions and naysayers in service of change begins by identifying them.

Read this ebook to discover the eight change personas found within every accounting and finance organization, and how you can use each in service of change.

This guide was created to help CIOs understand how BlackLine fits into their finance tech stack and digital transformation strategy. It provides a detailed overview of the following: