White Paper

The Strategic Benefits of Intercompany Financial Management

Intercompany financial management (IFM) is a process plus technology discipline for handling intercompany transactions to maximize staff efficiency and accounting accuracy, while optimizing cash flow, minimizing tax leakage, and ensuring consistent regulatory compliance. IFM can generate significant savings for multinational companies, yet the topic is obscure because, usually, nobody oversees IFM.

Technology has advanced to make IFM practical and affordable. We believe that by 2027, one-fifth of organizations with 10,000 or more employees will have implemented IFM to achieve tax, risk management, and financial close benefits.

Download this guide to identify the strategic benefits of implementing IFM at your organization. Inside, you’ll discover:

The hidden costs of intercompany complexity

How technology enables organizations to effectively manage intercompany

The far-ranging benefits of implementing IFM