White Paper

The Future of Automation in the Finance Function

Automation is an essential step in the evolution of the modern finance function. This has become even clearer during the COVID-19 crisis, which exposed every shortcoming in finance processes and systems—lack of physical access, inefficient procedures, financial pressure, and more.

The Future of Automation survey results reveal the wide-raging effect of the pandemic, both short and long-term, including an accelerated drive for automation.

More than half of survey respondents say that COVID has increased the urgency of investment in automation, and even those most reluctant to invest in finance systems can see the need for change.

Read the global report for the full survey results. You’ll learn informative and actionable insights, including:

Which finance processes were hit hardest by pandemic disruption

How to automate your way out of disruption and become better positioned to survive and thrive

Expectations for working from home in Finance and Accounting post-COVID