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How NIKE Improved Their Order-To-Cash Accounting Process with Automation

An adequate order-to-cash process is crucial to the integrity of financial statements. Despite digital transformation trends, many organizations are still validating sales with manual, unsustainable processes.

Before introducing automation, NIKE’s accounting team was spending a significant amount of time reconciling transactions from numerous data sources. As a result, resources were tied up and unable to focus on other, more strategic activities.

What if you had more time to focus on analyzing DSO and improving working capital?

With BlackLine, NIKE’s accounting team shifted their focus to analyzing order-to-cash trends and forecasting rather than manipulating data in spreadsheets. In this webinar, you’ll learn how this shift was possible.

Join us to hear experts from BlackLine and NIKE discuss how:

  • BlackLine solutions complement and extend existing ERP functionality

  • NIKE automated over 98% of its daily sales audit matching processes with BlackLine

  • Automating O2C processes can free up resources to focus on measuring KPIs

The Future of Accounting Is Here