White Paper

I2C/AR Survey: Future-Proofing Finance & Working Capital

Invoice-to-cash automation holds immense promise for Global Business Services (GBS).

By automating the invoice-to-cash process, GBS/Shared Services can enhance efficiency, optimize resource allocation, and redirect focus to value-added tasks by streamlining operations, reducing manual errors, and accelerating cash flow cycles.

Get your copy of the SSON Invoice-to-Cash/Accounts Receivable Survey: Future-Proofing Finance & Working Capital to learn about:

Tech-Driven Efficiency: Explore the impact of technology on GBS and Shared Services—including AI and RPA and how they're revolutionizing operational efficiency.

Empowering Talent: Discover the importance of upskilling initiatives in nurturing a resilient and adaptable workforce, essential for navigating the challenges of tomorrow.

Customer-Centric Advantage: Explore strategies that prioritize customer-centricity, offering a competitive edge by enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.