F&A First: How SAP Customers Can Deliver ‘No Regret’ Transformation

Finance and accounting (F&A) leaders are increasingly relied upon to provide data and insights to support critical decision-making. Yet they are burdened with traditional manual processes that make it difficult to execute effectively.

While many organizations leverage modern technology solutions to achieve strategic objectives, they tend to focus on transforming front-office functions. An F&A-first approach places Finance and Accounting at the forefront, limiting dependencies on the rest of the enterprise and empowering F&A teams to pave the way for success. By adopting this ‘no regret’ approach, F&A leaders establish a solid data foundation that ensures seamless transformation throughout the rest of the organization.

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4 components to a ‘no regret’ transformation

How SAP’s end-to-end solutions enable an F&A-first approach to transformation

Benefits and real-world results, including a 70% reduction in days to close and 50% time saved on manual work.